My Thoughts on NYFW.....

I wanted to go to NYFW so bad this year, but timing just wasn't right.   Instead, I lived through everyone's Insta stories and got so much inspo!!  Had to pull out the white booties for church this past Sunday morning haha!

I purchased this dress during the Nordstrom sale back in of my favorite buys!  This Marigold color is so popular right now and I love the ruffles all over!!  If you don't want to be as bold as me, you could definitely opt for a neutral!  Tan, black, leopard...haha.  I think leopard would be super cute too!

Wanted to share my thoughts on attending fashion week next year....I was 100% ready to go in February for Spring fashion week.  But after hearing about how some girls (that I look up to) were rude and very unapproachable, I'm not so sure I want to go anymore.  And that is SO SAD.  Honestly hurts that people in the blogging industry treat others that way!
Hopefully I'll get enough courage to go anyways.  I'm sure the experience is unforgettable and I've never been to NY!  I just need to make sure I'm personally ready to go...if anyone steps on my toes I won't be slow to respond ;) haha!!

If you have ever been to NY or NYFW, please let me know your experience!  And if you are a blogger who wants to go with me in the Spring, DM me!!

Happy Wednesday!

XO, Morgan

My Everyday Look for Fall......

I wear this outfit every. single. day.  Just ask my friends and family!!  I have this tee in 5 colors and want them all lol!  They are only $17, the softest material, perfect length, and the best layering shirts for cardigans and jackets!!
My jeans are on sale for $25 and are GOOD.  They are my favorites!!  
I've been wearing these boots a ton..they were a tad bit uncomfortable the first couple of times I wore them, but now that they are broken in, they are super comfy!  Cute to wear with shorts, too!!
Oh, and I shared that I wanted these sunglasses on Instagram a few weeks ago...I ended up getting them lol!  I love the brown frames and lenses!!

XO, Morgan

Fall Trends, Leopard and Yellow.....

Clearly I'm ready for FALL!!!!

I didn't realize how much I loved these shoes until I saw these pictures!  They are the perfect leopard print and so comfy!!  Leopard is going to be HUGE this Fall!! 
I'm also really loving the color of this sweater.  Yellows and greens are huge right now - and this sweater is the perfect mix of the two!  It's also available in lilac and tan!

What trends are you loving for Fall?  Comment below or on my recent Instagram post!

I haven't blogged in a couples weeks...really haven't had the motivation to take pictures!!  I still haven't taken any haha!  I did get some new hats in the mail and I'm so excited to style them!  Giving me some motivation haha!

XO, Morgan

July Instagram Round Up.....

Top | Pants | Earrings

Pullover | Shorts | Sandals | Sunglasses | Necklace | Purse

Top | Jeans | Sandals | Sunglasses

There's nothing to link is mine :)

Top | Skirt | Boots | Similar Hat

Pullover | Shorts | Necklace

Dress | Wedges | Earrings | Purse

Tank | Jeans | Wedges | Scarf | Similar Bag  
 Blog Post - here

Tee | Shorts | Jacket | Necklace | Sunglasses

Tee | Cardigan | Leggings | Necklace

Tee | Jeans | Hat | Necklace

Dress | Sandals | Earrings

Jumpsuit | Sandals | Sunglasses | Purse | Earrings

Tee | Shorts


Booties | Dress

Sweater | Hat

Pullover | Leggings

Cardigan | Tee

Tee | Shorts | Sandals | Purse

Sweater | Hat | Jeans

Tee | Sneaks | Purse | Jeans

Sunglasses | Tee and Bandana are from Walmart


Skin Care Blog Post - here

Tee | Kimono | Earrings

Tee | Cardigan | Hat

Swimsuit | Shorts | Sunglasses

Lola's 3rd Birthday.....

Balloons are from Etsy


I can't believe she's already 3!!  She has grown up too fast...sad dog mom here.  I love her so much and we have so much fun doing party's every year!!  Lola was really into taking pics this year lol!  I think she is just really use to the camera.  And she LOVES her teepee!  If you saw my insta stories, you know what it was much bigger than I expected.  But Lola loves it so I kept it haha.

S/O to my sister for making her cake!!  John legit thought it was a real human cake.  I told him the icing was mashed potatoes and he was pretty disappointed hahaha!  But seriously, I LOVED her cake!  My sis did such a good job!

And funny story...Lola's candles were the kind that come back to life after you blow them out.  So I was having to continuously blow them out.  Lola was so confused lol.

I'm gonna share 3 fun facts about her!!

1. Lola was an impulse buy.  I was notified that she was for sale and bought her the same day!!  Best decision ever.

2. Lola's favorite word is "go".  She loves to go!!  She even knows what car I drive and goes directly to it when we leave.  Hers smart.

3. Lola loves her new baby cousin!!  Lola doesn't like kids at all..I think it's because we don't have any kids in the family so she's just not use to them.  She was very jealous of the baby at first.  Like I couldn't even take pictures of Payton without Lola growling and crying lol.  But my sis and baby came to visit us this past weekend and Lola was all about her!!  She was the first thing Lola looked for in the mornings.

3 things isn't enough..I could go on and on all day!!

XO, Lola's Mom