What I've Learned about Being a Dog Mom........

I'll be sharing picture, flower crowns, and location details at the end!

We had so much fun shooting these pictures a couple of weeks ago!  Yall know that Lola is used to the camera lol!  But she HATED her crown!  Her crown was a little big - it was hard measuring the size of her head.  I tried to bobby pin it in but she just shook her head till it came off.  Needless to say, I was VERY stressed.  I am a huge planner - I don't mind surprises, but I'm definitely not a go-with-the-flow kind of girl lol.  So not knowing how we were going to deal with the flower crown stressed me out literally all day. It's all I thought about the day of.  I wanted her to have an accessory, and didn't have a back up!  I didn't want me to wear a crown if she didn't...she was the most important part in these pictures!  But Camilla (our photographer) was awesome working with us!  Literally wasn't stressed during the shoot at all!

I wanted to share a few things I've learned from being a dog Mom!

1. The number one thing I've learned is patience - DISCLAIMER - I'm still and will always be learning patience haha.  When she was a puppy, learning patience for sure came from potty training.  Now, it's waiting for her to find a spot to potty!  She will sniff every piece of grass before she makes her decision lol.  It can be really frustrating when I'm in a hurry.
2.  If dogs are expensive......goodness gracious I do not want kids hahaha.  This was light-hearted, BUT I never really thought about how much goes into having a dog.  When I first got Lola, my parents were there to pay for everything.  But now that I'm done with school and am working, she's my responsibility. You gotta pay for all the vet visits, grooming, flea/tick medication, food (that she doesn't half eat), toys (that I love buying)...I think that's about it lol.

3. I know some people don't agree with this next statement - but she is my child.  Literally she's so much responsibility but I love her to death.  Like idk how I could love anything more than I love her.  Sometimes when I'm away from her I think of all of the bad things that could happen to her, and I'm pretty sure that's how parents feel toward their children hahaha.  Okay back to the point of #3 - responsibility. I think it goes hand in hand with the first 2 I talked about.  But another major responsibility is always having to be there for her.  She's not like a cat that you can leave for 3 days with a litter box and a bowl full of food.  She has to be taken outside to potty and fed 2 times a day.  I think a normal dog would eat their whole bowl of food in one setting no matter the amount.  But Lola isn't normal and doesn't eat hard food...she barely eats wet food.  Anyways, you literally always have to be with your dog!  Makes me think twice about getting another one.  I'm thankful my mom is able to take care of her when I'm gone!!  

Okay I think yall are done reading about my dog!! Haha. I could go on and on.

Pictures are by Camilla Buoni.  Her Instagram is @camilla.weddings
Flower crowns were made by McKenzie City Florist.  Their Instagram is @mckflorist
Location:  Shelby Farms Dog Park in Memphis, TN

My sister's due date is tomorrow and I'm supposed to go to NOLA this weekend....prayers for me cause I'm stressed.  But most of all, prayers for my Sis!!!  I'm so excited for baby Payton.  Also stressed because I may have to board Lola and I literally want to cry at the thought of her sleeping in a crate by herself at night.

Anyways - Happy Wednesday!!  Thanks for stopping by!

XO, Morgan

Affordable White Jeans and Florl Kimono......

I'm probably going to wear this outfit once a week - I love it that much!!  And it's super affordable!  My kimono is around $25 and earrings are $16!  I love them paired together.
These sunglasses have quickly became my go-to's.  They're probably all I'm going to wear this summer!!  I'm obsessed!
If you're looking for an affordable white jean, these are it!  I have these jeans in several washes - they are SO good!!  They aren't too see through either.

Happy Wednesday!
I hope yall had a great MDW and are making it through the week haha!
John will finally come home this weekend, probably Sunday. It has been 2 weeks and I'm dying lol!

XO, Morgan

Overalls and Stripe Tee.....

Overalls are probably the biggest Spring trend right now!!  At first I tried the skinny jean version, and they were not for me!  I'm so glad I gave the trend a second chance because I love these!  I am wearing my normal size, but could've went up a size for a boyfriend fit.
These are the best summer sandals, too.  Easy to dress up or down!

XO, Morgan

Lilac Top - 3 Trends in One.....

Lilac was my favorite color 3 years ago....and then I got into dental hygiene school and we had to wear lilac scrubs every day, haha!!
But really, lilac has been one of my favorite colors for years - and there's a lot of it this Spring season!  This top also has 2 other trends, ruffles and polka dots!  A top that has 3 trends in one!!  Definitely a winner in my book.
I paired it with white denim for even more of a Spring feel.
My sandals are also back in stock in this color!!  Also available in two others and so comfy - I love a good mule!
Shout out to my sister for buying my Mom these flowers for Mother's Day.  I asked my Mom if it was cool if I took blog pictures with them and she was all for it!  I don't think my sister liked that I used her gift hahaa!
Also really into braids lately - I REALLY wanna start a Youtube channel and get a tutorial up for yall since so many of you requested one!!  But I have no idea where to even start!  If you have any tips, please let me know!

XO, Morgan

Denim off the Shoulder Top with Neutral Accessories......

I love a good denim top, but sometimes get bored of the basic button-down.  I was on the hunt to find a good one for Spring/Summer and this one is it!  I love how flattering it is around the neckline and the ruffles sleeves.  Sadly it's almost sold out, but I linked a similar ruffle off-the-shoulder version!
Love it paired with white jeans and a brown wedge.
ALSO - size down one size in the top!

I hope yall are having a great week!  I have been on the non-stop go since last Monday and  I need a break.  If I'm not at actual work, I'm working on the blog!  Hopefully I'll get a day to relax this weekend!!  

Happy Wednesday, Yall!

XO, Morgan

All Things Yellow.....

1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6. | 7. | 8. | 9. | 10. | 11. | 12. | 13. | 14. | 15.

My current favorite color is yellow!  It's the perfect spring/summer color and so so pretty on tan skin...Cue putting on all the self tanner!!! Haha!
I really love #4, #6, and #10!

XO, Morgan

Olive Green Top and Neck Scarf......

This look is definitely going to be my go-to for Spring - but maybe with some more casual shoes?? Haha!  I love these though, almost sold out!
This top is a current favorite, it hides all food babies and is the prettiest olive color!  I think it would look great on everybody - it's $35 and runs big.  I went 2 sizes down!
My favorite brand of jeans, literally all I've been wearing!  I have them in a total of 4 colors/styles!!
AND last but not least, my favorite accessory right now is the scarf!  So many ways to style and use them!  Thinking about doing a blog post with all of the different ways!  Let me know if that's something you are interested in.
Anyways, this scarf comes in a lot of colors and is only $12.50!  Every girl needs at least one...or maybe all of them.

Happy Wednesday!  Hope you enjoyed today's post!

XO, Morgan