Our First Look......



I want to start off by saying I was that girl that was certain I would never do a first look!  I am SO happy we did though!  This was really one of our hardest wedding decisions - I was so indecisive and John really didn't care either way.  I was going to make a PROS and CONS list but I cannot think of any CONS so I'm going to list the PROS lol!


1. Having this overwhelming moment private
This was one of the best moments of the day!  Our photographer had John outside waiting on me behind the venue (a private area).  It was just the 4 of us, my hair stylist was there to fix my hair for pictures lol.  But I remember that moment feeling so special and private!

2. Calms stress before ceremony
Okay this was the #1 reason I actually decided on a first look!  I knew my emotions were going to be everywhere that day, especially before the ceremony!  We had our first look at 11:30 that morning and got to spend the rest of the day together!  It was great and definitely helped calm my nerves.  I literally cannot imagine how I would have acted have we not spent the entire day together!
3. All pictures done before ceremony
We took ALL of our pictures before the ceremony, including family pictures!  It was great to have all of those over with so we could go straight to the reception and our guests didn't have to wait on us!

Wedding - Getting Ready Photos.....

Our Pajama's
These were so good!  I was highly impressed with the quality, price, and fast service.  My bridesmaids wore the Ecru color.  I've honestly been thinking about ordering me a few pairs in other colors because I love them that much haha.

I had the best time getting ready for my wedding!  I had all of my favorite people with me, helping me get through the day.  I honestly thought we were getting to the venue too early at 8AM but WOW did it go by so fast!!!  Time doesn't exist on your wedding day haha - it's just a blur!

The Bridal Suite at White Oak Farms was amazing!!  The lighting is perfect and we had so much space to hang out and do our hair and makeup together!

I had Emily, my hair stylist, do all of our hair!  She's my favorite and the only person I trust with my hair!  And then I just let everyone do their own makeup, but one of my bridesmaids is really good with makeup so we got help lol!

One of my favorite parts of getting ready was my niece, Payton, loving on me and "helping" with my makeup!  It's like she knew it was my special day. I shared a picture above, I'm so glad my friend caught this moment!

TIP:  It's so important to remember to feed everyone at the venue while you are getting ready!  We had plenty of food for not only my bridesmaids, but everyone else that was there getting the venue ready!  My mom picked up bagels from Panera, and a fruit tray for breakfast.  And for lunch we had chicken salad and veggies.  I didn't eat any of it haha...literally did not even stop to think about eating!
TIP: ENJOY YOUR DAY!!!  I had a few things that did not go my way and were not at all what I visioned for my day, but I chose to let it go which is so unlike me lol!!  At the end of the day, those little things don't matter and your guests don't care!
TIP: You can cry if you want to.  I wish I had a big cry that morning, but instead the tears came out when we were taking family pictures and when I walked down the aisle lol.

Okay everything I said was so random haha, but I wanted to share my "getting ready" photos and experiences with yall!

My Favorite Lipsticks.....

Top Left - Urban Decay Lipstick - in shade NAKED.
I have used this lipstick for 4 years now!!  I repurchase every year!  It's the perfect shade of pink that is great for everyday.  I know several people that have worn this color on their wedding day, too!  Just a great basic lipstick for every girl to have.

Top Right - Bite Beauty Lipstick - in shade HONEYCOMB.
I guess Bite Beauty has stopped making their Amuse Bouche lipstick line which is devastating because their lipsticks are so good!  I could only find them on Amazon.  The lipstick is a lot darker than the color on the website - heads up!  I would describe this shade as a dark nudish brown.  I love wearing this one to special occasions!

Bottom Left - Tarte Colorsplash Lipstick - in shade PINK LEMONADE.
This lipstick color is my current favorite!  It is a peachy nude and I'm in loveeee. I wear this one like 90% of the time!  

Bottom Right - Tarte Colorsplash Lipstick - in shade SALT LYFE.
This is the same lipstick brands has the above!  I really do love this line of lipsticks and I'm going to try more colors!!  Salt Lyfe is more of a purplish lipstick but in a subtle way!  

Obviously I have and wear a ton of different lipsticks, but these have been my go-to's for months!  Tag me in your Instagram stories if you try and love!!

XO, Morgan

Recent Beauty Favorites....Some REALLY Good Finds

I haven't done a beauty post in forever - I just don't switch up my routine much!  BUT these are some products I have used DAILY for several months and are my new staples!!

1. Charlotte Tilbury Contour Wand - This product is SO dang good!!!  It's a cream contour that seems very intimidating at first, but blends out beautifully!  I have the lightest shade and it worked great when I was tan, and it works great now that I'm a ghost haha!  My favorite product from today's post!

2. Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector - if you have dark circles, this product is for you!  I apply this to my under eyes before my foundation!  It just adds a thin pink layer to cover your dark circles and helps the under eye concealer work better!  A good product for no-makeup days, too!

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz - Okay, I know I'm super late to the game on this product!  I just thought the brow pencil I used before was as good as it got!  I use to use the Elf brow pencil, and it definitely is a good brow product if you are on a budget!  I'm just so obsessed with how well the Brow Wiz applies and blends!  I wear the shade "soft brown"!

4. Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder GLOW - This product gives the best glow!!!  A little goes a long way - I linked the mini version because that's what I have!  I use this to highlight my nose, cupid's bow, and then I lightly dust my whole face with it!  Sooooo pretty!

5. Tula Face Filtering Blurring & Moisturizing Primer - this is literally the best face primer I have ever used - and I've used most of the popular ones!  It really blurs and covers your pores!  Makes your foundation look so so so good!

Hope yall loved today's post!  Let me know if you try any products and let me know what you think!!

XO, Morgan

Our Engagement....


Dress (size down)| Heels  (size down)

Dress | Heels (size down)
This dress is less than $30 and on prime!!

Pictures by Kelsey Hawkins Photography

We get married in 19 days!!!
And I'm JUST now writing a blog post about our engagement haha!

Honestly, we took our pictures in August, which was kind of late, but it's John's fault lol!  He got a TERRIBLE hair cut in July..I mean he was basically bald!!!  So we had to wait for his hair to grow out!  It took forever and it still isn't right haha.

Our Engagement

Me and John were in Murfreesboro, TN celebrating my sister's graduation.  My BIL is a pastor, so we were going to go to church with them the next day!  John had something else planned though, he took me to Cheekwood in Nashville, TN and it was beautiful!  It's a huge mansion that has been turned into a museum and has a few surrounding botanical gardens.  That's where John proposed and I wouldn't have it any other way!  And yes, I was expecting it lol! 
Fun fact:  My sister also got engaged at Cheekwood!  John had no idea..I honestly don't even know how he found the place!
Pic of my ring below! 

Answering a few questions yall asked:
1. The theme/style of my wedding is boho glam!
2. The thing I'm looking forward to the most about being married is always coming home to each other at the end of the day!  We live 40 minutes apart and have been together for 5 1/2 years..most of those years we lived 2 hours apart due to school.  So we have always had to make an effort to see each other!  It'll be nice to never have to ask or wonder if we will see each other that day.
3. I've said on IG where my wedding is, but I don't feel comfortable sharing on my blog for privacy reasons!  But it's basically a white barn!  We are having the ceremony outside and reception in inside and outside!
4.  We are going to live in Union City, TN!

If yall have any questions about wedding planning, let me know and I will try to answer!!