The Best Sweaters for Fall.....

From left to right 

I guess yall can tell I'm loving the rust color this season haha!!  I'm so obsessed with ALL of these!! I have several of them in my shopping cart!  I think my fav is the black lace -up bow sleeve sweater!
Most of these sweaters come in multiple colors - so if you aren't into the ones I picked, there are other options!!  I'm also going to link more sweaters I'm loving below!

I hope yall are having a great week so far!!  Did yall see my new hair?!  I'm loving it!! I use to have longer hair, and I really missed it.  So I decided to go ahead and invest in some extensions!!  They definitely make my hair thicker too, which I really wanted.  Do yall want some kind of a blog post on them?  Let me know!

XO, Morgan

Purple Ruffle Dress For Any Occasion.....

 I knew I wanted this dress when I saw the sleeves, BUT I could not decide on a color to save my life!!  This dress comes in 4 gorgeous colors for fall - purple, jade, navy, and pink!  I almost went with the jade one.  I think that color looks pretty on my pale skin haha!!  But purple is one of my favorite colors and I hardly ever wear it!  You just don't see enough of it.
I think this dress is perfect for literally ANY occasion.  I wore it to church, but it would also be perfect for date night or a wedding!!  The best part - it's ONLY $45!!!!  Would it be wrong for me to order another color?!

Now lets talk about my mules.  I'm going to be honest, I'm not crazy about them.  If I could send them back, I would.  I wore my Bella Vita mules FOREVER and was so obsessed with them. I'm still obsessed with them but they are tearing up - after over 2 years!  Seriously the best shoe and so comfy.  Back to the mules in this post - they are very uncomfortable.  Not that they hurt my feet, but they hurt my toes.  I have a wide foot, so I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but they seriously rub my toes raw!!  When I wear them I have to wrap bandages around my big toe.  I'm hoping they will break in!  I will keep yall updated.

Happy Wednesday, yall!!  I'm so wishing it was Friday - me, John, and my BFF Kendal are going to see Maren Morris and I'm so excited!  I have her CD in my car and I'm constantly listening to it haha!  Not sure how much fun John is going to have though..he's not the concert type!

XO, Morgan

Lace Cami and Cozy Cardi.....

My favorite cardigan of the season yet!!!  This one is thick and super cozy - perfect for those cooler Fall nights.  It comes in a lot of basic Fall colors!!  I think I'm gonna order another one haha.  I have two of these cami's - white and black.  They are perfect for Fall layers and only $28!  They also come in a lot of colors.  I was skeptical about these boots - the shape looked like they may be uncomforable and it's obvious that you can't wear socks with them.  But they REALLY surprised me!  I wore them all day last Friday and my feet never hurt!!  I think as long as you are wearing the right size, they will be comfortable for anyone.  They come in a lot of colors, too - I really love the blush ones!

Happy Wednesday!!  I'm currently writing this while watching Grey's Anatomy - I'm addicted!  Why am I just now watching this show?!  If you are late to the game like I am - watch it!!  It's sooooo good.  John is just as obsessed as I am haha!

XO, Morgan

Just Another Fall Floral......

To say that I haven't worn this top 5 times already would be a lie - but seriously, I love it!  I've always had a thing for floral print, and the Fall season is not stopping me haha!  I went down a size in the top, but I think you would be fine ordering your regular size too.  My top comes in several other styles..romper, shorts, dresses..etc. They are linked below!  I've already posted about these booties, but they are my currents favs to wear!  I'm loving all things peep toe this season.

Happy Wednesday, Babes!!  Hope yall are having a great week - mine seems to be going super slow.  I go Friday for a hair extension consult; I've been wondering about them for quite sometime!!  I use to have real long hair, I honestly don't know what happened to it.  I don't remember ever wanting it cut off!  I'm missing it, plus I really need some volume/thickness to my hair!  I'll let yall know how it goes!

XO, Morgan

Floral Maxi for Fall......

I always have trouble finding dresses that are long enough for me, but I don't have to worry about that with maxi dresses.  I think this one is the most perfect floral Fall print and I love the teal green color.  This exact one is sold out, but check back because they may restock since it was so popular.  However, they have this exact dress in four other colors that I've linked!
I got these mules a couple of years ago, and they sold out right when I got them and never came back in stock.  I just found them in a slightly different style!  They are seriously so comfortable; I wear them probably 75% of the week. They are THE shoe for Fall!

There's seriously nothing exciting going on in my life that I feel inclined to tell yall today, haha.  I've just been working and hanging with my fam and Lola!  I guess I will say that she's been mad at me for getting a job - she has chewed two pairs of flip flops up!!  I'm fine with it as long as it wasn't my Jeffery Campbell's hahaha!

XO, Morgan

Printed Dress and Peep Toe Booties.....

This may be my favorite dress of this season!  I wasn't crazy about it online - at all.  I saw a ton of others wearing it and was never like "oh my gosh this is so cute!".  BUT, I saw it in store and decided to try it on...and I fell in love!  I love the flowy fit, the print, and the peplum hem.  It also has cute button detail on the sleeves that you can't see from these pictures.
I have been wanting a peep toe bootie for a while now.  I found these while shopping in Memphis a couple of weeks ago and had to have them because of the price!  I'm a HUGE shoe person.  I will spend a ton on shoes, so when I found these for $98, I swiped them up!  They also come in brown and black and are super comfortable!

Happy Wednesday!!  My sister and BIL are coming this weekend and I'm so happy!  We are celebrating my mom's birthday! 
I'm typing this while my dog is staring at me...she wants to go potty and go to bed haha!

I'm praying for those affected by the hurricane!!

XO, Morgan

Friday Favorites: Fall Loving.......

I am beyond ready for Fall! And it actually feels like it outside this morning!!  Fall is by far my favorite season - bring on all the layers and cozy cardigans!!  I'm also a big neutral person,  I don't typically go for bright colored items. Fall is perfect for a girl like me because all the neutral colors come out!!

I'm so happy it's Friday!  I haven't seen my boyfriend all week - we are planning on going to the county fair tonight.  Gimme all the deep fried oreos hahaha.  And Saturday my bestie is coming to town!! Haven't seen her since we graduated - love ya Kenny G and can't wait for you to be here!!!

XO, Morgan

Other things I'm loving for Fall.....