Black Friday....

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Black Friday is here and I know all of the different sales may be overwhelming, so I will be updating this post throughout the week/weekend to give yall some insights of the major sales! Be sure to check back here every day to see more and more of my picks!

 Nordstrom - 20% off selected sale items

 H&M - 20% off everything with code "5188"

 Ulta Beatuy Deals

 American Eagle - 40% off everything

 Loft - 50% off everything with code "FRIYAY"

 Bauble Bar - 30% off everything with code "THANKS30"


Casual Baseball Hat......

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I know it's super different seeing me in such a casual outfit!  I don't usually wear baseball hats, but when I do they are this cute!  I saw this one a few months back and I am so glad I got it!  It comes in three colors and is only $20.  I have posted this top on Instagram so many times - and I honestly wear it so much.  The fabric is so soft!  Probably the softest top I own!  I wish I could have every single color and the price right now is amazing, it's currently under $20!  I went up two sizes in this top to make it super oversized...aka I wanted to wear it off the shoulder!  Also, my Loren Hope bracelet would make the perfect Christmas gift!  It's a little under $100, but so worth it!  I got mine last Christmas and I have probably worn it 90% of this year!

Happy Tuesday aka the WEEKEND!  Who's excited for the long break and the Thanksgiving holiday?? I sure am!  Can't wait to stuff my face and hang with my fam!  Wishing yall a blessed Thanksgiving!!
And if you can, please leave a comment to let me know what Christmas post you would like to see this Friday!  I cannot decide - help!!

XO, Morgan


My Wish List....

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1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6. | 7. | 8. | 9. | 10. | 11. | 12. | 13. | 14.

Christmas is coming fast, so it's time to get started on your wish list!!  My mom has been begging for mine for weeks - but it takes time, Mama!  I usually literally wait until the last minute to make mine, just to see if there are any brand new items I want, but this year I'm prepared!  In case you are wondering - yes, this is my exact Christmas list!

1. Me and one of my besties went to Sephora a few weeks ago, and you know how they have so many amazing samples of things to buy at the checkout??  Well, I smelled this perfume and immediately fell in love (duh, it's Tory Burch)!  I currently do not have a scent that I'm too crazy about, but I for sure love this one! It is a little pricey though, but I think it's worth it!

2. If I had to choose only one of these items for Christmas, it would be this pretty pink coat!  For the past couple of years I have wanted a baby pink coat, but never had any luck finding one I liked.  It is from Guess, so it is pricey, but I just love it so much.

3. Every single blogger I follow, which is a lot, has these tennis shoes!  And, ya can't blame them!  Who could pass up that gorgeous rose gold color??  I have been dying to try out the athleisure trend, and these are perfect for that! 

4. This sweater comes in a few other colors, is only $40, and has the perfect mock neck and chunkiness to it!  It is seriously the ideal basic layering sweater!  My favorite color was this ivory one, I think it is so pretty for fall/winter!

5. I usually do not splurge on purses unlike most girls (I'm a shoe girl).  But, this Rebecca Minkoff one is so pretty!  It's suede, the perfect shade of brown, and has tassels!  It is seriously my ideal crossbody!

6. Everyone knows that Kendra Scott is my favorite brand of jewelry!  These earrings came out this past spring/summer and I have wanted them ever since!  I adore the stone and they will go with everything!

7. This sweater is the version of the above Kendra earrings (I literally die).  Obsessed with this sweater on so many levels!  I love the chunky fabric and turtleneck fit!

8. I am in desperate need of some new black booties.  I love Dolce Vita and flat heels, so these are perfect!  This brand is so comfortable, the ones I have from them I wear all the time!  I also love the little tab detail on the back of them.

9. This is the curling iron of all curling irons. From what I've heard and read about it, it works great on all hair types and your curls don't fall out!  I always have trouble keeping my curls in, so I'm dying to try this wand out.

10.  I have also heard AMAZING things about this pillow case!  It is $80, however, it has so many benefits!  It's supposed to keep the bed head away, and leave your hair and skin looking and feeling better than ever!

11.  This scarf is the perfect neutral color.  It will go with everything and could be styled so many ways!  It comes in a few color options and is around $40.

12. I feel like I'm going to get shamed for not already having this one, haha!  I am learning that I need to take much better care of my skin than I have in the past.  Clarisonic is an awesome brand and I have heard amazing things from their products!

13. I already have a pair of Hunter Boots, but I am loving these that are midi length!  The ones I have are tall and are annoying when I cross my legs, which is all the time.  I feel like I would like these 10X better!

14. I have wanted this sweater vest for a couple of years!  I don't know why I never got it haha.  I think it would be cute to dress up or down!  I can see this being an easy throw over a t-shirt and run to class look!

I hope yall enjoyed this week's Christmas post!  I know most of these items are pricey, but I wanted to be completely honest with what was actually on my list!  If yall have any recommendations of what you would like to see next Friday, don't hesitate to comment!  I want to post what YALL want to see!  I hope yall have a great weekend!!

XO, Morgan


Smile Brilliant.....

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Hey, yall!  Today, I am sharing my teeth whitening collaboration with smile brilliant!  If you don't already know, I am a Dental Hygiene student!  I will graduate next May and could not be more excited!  I absolutely love this field and have a passion for it.  With that being said, before coming in contact with this company, I was very knowledgeable about how the teeth whitening process works with the majority of whitening products - whether they were OTC or purchased at a dental office.

I already had professional whitening trays made from a dental office, but I never used them because of my severe sensitivity.  No matter how long I wore them, my teeth would ache terribly after each use - even though I was brushing with Sensodyne toothpaste.  This is what made Smile Brilliant stand out to me.  They have a desensitizing gel that works EXTREMELY well!!!  I cannot stress that enough!

Another thing that may stand out to you, is the cost and convenience.  YOU make YOUR own trays in home!  But don't worry, it is so easy and I'm going to take you step-by-step of the whole process!  Make sure you continue reading, there is a giveaway and discount code at the end of this post! :)

This is what the kit looks like!  You get two trays, 3 sets of paste to mix the impression material, several packs of gel, a pre-paid package to ship your impressions, and instructions!

1. The very first step in this process is to brush and floss your teeth very thoroughly.  This is so important for your impressions!
For the next few steps, you will need a timer, a few paper towels, and a glass of water.

You get three sets of the impression material, just in case you mess up, but it's very easy so you probably won't! :)

3. Mix together one base paste and one catalyst paste.  These should be mixed with your fingers and until the white is almost completely gone.  Be sure to not take any longer than 1 minute or the material will harden and you will have to start over!

4. Place the mixture in one of the trays and spread it evenly - do this within 30 seconds and immediately do step #5!

5.  Place the tray on the teeth.  Make sure you apply even pressure throughout the whole tray, otherwise your impression may not be very accurate.  Hold the tray there for at least 2:30, possibly more!  Just make sure the putty is firm.

6. Repeat the steps below for the second tray.

7. After you have both of the trays made, make sure to look over them to make sure you can clearly see the impression of your teeth.

8. Once you think they are good to go - let it sit for 30 minutes, and then rinse under cool water.

9. Let your trays dry, and then place them in the pre-paid envelope!  Be sure to fill out the return card!!!

10. After you mail them, you will get your trays anywhere from 6-10 business days.

Now is the fun part! 
I will say, if you have super sensitive teeth - use the desensitizing gel every day for 15-30 minutes for 4 days before you start whitening!  This part was crucial for me and helps a ton!
Once you think you are ready to start whitening, you can wear them from 45 minutes to 3 hours as many days as you want but only one time per day.  Personally, I only used the whitening gel for no longer than 30 minutes due to my sensitivity.
I did the 4 days of desensitizing gel, one day of whitening, one day of desensitizing, one day of whitening....etc.  I kept incorporating the desensitizing gel because I was so afraid my teeth would be sensitive! And if you are one of those people that do not experience sensitivity, I envy you!

And here is a picture of my results!  The top was my before, and the bottom was my after.  Plus, I only whitened 3-4 times per week for 30 minutes.  Imagine how white they would be if I wore them for a longer time!  I am so happy with my results and will continue my journey with Smile Brilliant!

If you are interested in purchasing from them - you can shop their whitening trays here! And be sure to use code simplymorganblake for a 5% discount!

If you would like to know more about this company - I'm going to link a video and an article!
Article: here
Video: here


There is a chance you could win your very own set of whitening trays - it includes 6 gels, you can pick how much whitening and how much desensitizing you want!  This is valued at $139.95!  The giveaway will end December 1st, so enter while you can!!  You can enter here!


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To say I am obsessed with this sweater would be an understatement!  It's so thick and cozy, just like you would want your winter sweaters to be!  I love the length on this one...and it also has pockets!  It comes in several colors and is under $50!  My tee is also perfect for layering!  It comes in two other colors and is $30.  My boots are from last year, and are sold out.  So I linked two pair - one is the same brand and same color, and the other is almost identical and way cheaper!

If yall have been following me on instagram - @simplymorganblake - yall know that I have recently been linking my outfits through  In case yall don't know what that is, I'm going to break it down for you! is the easiest way for you to shop my looks!  And they have several different ways yall can shop them, depending on what you like best!  
First things first - sign up on - after you do this you can shop my looks by:
1. You can shop them through your personal email.  All you have to do is like my instagram picture and you will get whatever I link directly in your inbox!
2. I always have a website link in all of my instagram captions.  You can copy and paste that link into your browser and shop that way!
3. You can type in and shop everything I've ever posted there!

Happy Tuesday!  In exactly one week I will be on Thanksgiving break - Thank the Lord!!!  I absolutely hate being in Memphis without my boyfriend and family.  If they could just move here, my life would be 10X easier.  With that being said, I CANNOT WAIT TO BE HOME FOR A MUCH NEEDED MINI BREAK.
I hope this post was helpful!! If yall have any questions, please ask!

XO, Morgan


Holiday Sweaters.....

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Untitled #5

1. If I had to pick just one sweater from would be this one!  I love the feminine lace detailing and the length - it's great for tall and short girls!  This one comes in two colors and is around $70!

2.  Okay the color on this one is g o r g e o u s!  The dark hunter green color is absolutely perfect for the Christmas holiday and the bell sleeves are also a plus! It comes in two colors an is $60!

3. I can picture this sweater being perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas! The lace-up detailing is right on trend and I love white sweaters for fall.  This ones comes in three colors and is around $70.

4. Who doesn't love some faux fur??!!  This cardigan is too adorable to pass up!  It can be styled so many different ways - plus it's only $55!  Such a steal!

5. I personally have this one and I want every single color - it is that good!  This mustard color would be perfect for Thanksgiving dinner!  You can get it for under $20 with code WARM at checkout!

6. I want this sweater so bad and I don't know why I haven't bought it yet!  It seems like the perfect mix of chunky and thin!  It comes in 5 colors and is only $25!

7.  This one is very similar to #6!  It comes in different color options though.  How pretty is this orange??  There is also a gorgeous red!  This one is $40!

8. I know everyone loves the off the shoulder trend just as much as I do!  This sweater looks so cozy and I am obsessed with this fair blue color!  This one comes in 7 colors and is $55!

9.  This chunky sweater is perfect for the cold weather, and I typically tend to want grey sweaters more than any other color!  I seriously have to force myself to pick another color sometimes - haha!  The cowl neck on this one is so cute, too!  It comes in 4 colors and is $50!

10.  Last, but not least is the newest trend - the choker!  I am dying to try this trend out and I am loving this sage green color.  So cute for the holidays!!  It comes in two colors and is $55. 

Happy Fri-yay!!!  You can expect fun holiday posts from me every Friday until Christmas!  If you have any ideas - shoot them this way!!  On a side note - it's finally the weekend!  This week has seemed terribly long and I think we all need a break!  My sister and her boyfriend are coming over this weekend and I'm so excited to see her!  I hope yall have the best weekend!

XO, Morgan


ILY Mix Blanket Scarf......

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This outfit is one of my favorites this fall season.  I love blush pink paired with neutral colors and this scarf is seriously the best one I have.  It is SO SO SO soft.  It is from ILY Mix and they have tons of scarves to choose from and also some cute sunglasses!  If you use code Morgan20 you can get 20% off.  And if you have been debating on these booties, stop debating and get them!  They are the best and I can't stop wearing them.

Happy Tuesday!  I've got a busy week full of studying and blog posts!  Stay tuned for some fun holiday posts!! :)

XO, Morgan


Cowl Neck Sweater.......

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 How cute is this sweater?  It is super light weight and so cozy!  It can also be worn on or off the shoulder and styled so many different ways!  I went with a casual look and my favorite suede fall booties.  This top comes in two color options and it's under $30!  I also linked some look-a-like booties of mine that are half the price!  And if yall don't already, this necklace is a must have!!!  I wear it every single day and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon :)

I hope yall had a fun Halloween weekend!  I dressed up as a cat (typical) and had so much fun!  Although, Halloween isn't the same being in Memphis and missing all of the trick-or-treaters back home.  Not to mention the taco soup I missed out on too haha!

XO, Morgan