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Christmas is coming fast, so it's time to get started on your wish list!!  My mom has been begging for mine for weeks - but it takes time, Mama!  I usually literally wait until the last minute to make mine, just to see if there are any brand new items I want, but this year I'm prepared!  In case you are wondering - yes, this is my exact Christmas list!

1. Me and one of my besties went to Sephora a few weeks ago, and you know how they have so many amazing samples of things to buy at the checkout??  Well, I smelled this perfume and immediately fell in love (duh, it's Tory Burch)!  I currently do not have a scent that I'm too crazy about, but I for sure love this one! It is a little pricey though, but I think it's worth it!

2. If I had to choose only one of these items for Christmas, it would be this pretty pink coat!  For the past couple of years I have wanted a baby pink coat, but never had any luck finding one I liked.  It is from Guess, so it is pricey, but I just love it so much.

3. Every single blogger I follow, which is a lot, has these tennis shoes!  And, ya can't blame them!  Who could pass up that gorgeous rose gold color??  I have been dying to try out the athleisure trend, and these are perfect for that! 

4. This sweater comes in a few other colors, is only $40, and has the perfect mock neck and chunkiness to it!  It is seriously the ideal basic layering sweater!  My favorite color was this ivory one, I think it is so pretty for fall/winter!

5. I usually do not splurge on purses unlike most girls (I'm a shoe girl).  But, this Rebecca Minkoff one is so pretty!  It's suede, the perfect shade of brown, and has tassels!  It is seriously my ideal crossbody!

6. Everyone knows that Kendra Scott is my favorite brand of jewelry!  These earrings came out this past spring/summer and I have wanted them ever since!  I adore the stone and they will go with everything!

7. This sweater is the version of the above Kendra earrings (I literally die).  Obsessed with this sweater on so many levels!  I love the chunky fabric and turtleneck fit!

8. I am in desperate need of some new black booties.  I love Dolce Vita and flat heels, so these are perfect!  This brand is so comfortable, the ones I have from them I wear all the time!  I also love the little tab detail on the back of them.

9. This is the curling iron of all curling irons. From what I've heard and read about it, it works great on all hair types and your curls don't fall out!  I always have trouble keeping my curls in, so I'm dying to try this wand out.

10.  I have also heard AMAZING things about this pillow case!  It is $80, however, it has so many benefits!  It's supposed to keep the bed head away, and leave your hair and skin looking and feeling better than ever!

11.  This scarf is the perfect neutral color.  It will go with everything and could be styled so many ways!  It comes in a few color options and is around $40.

12. I feel like I'm going to get shamed for not already having this one, haha!  I am learning that I need to take much better care of my skin than I have in the past.  Clarisonic is an awesome brand and I have heard amazing things from their products!

13. I already have a pair of Hunter Boots, but I am loving these that are midi length!  The ones I have are tall and are annoying when I cross my legs, which is all the time.  I feel like I would like these 10X better!

14. I have wanted this sweater vest for a couple of years!  I don't know why I never got it haha.  I think it would be cute to dress up or down!  I can see this being an easy throw over a t-shirt and run to class look!

I hope yall enjoyed this week's Christmas post!  I know most of these items are pricey, but I wanted to be completely honest with what was actually on my list!  If yall have any recommendations of what you would like to see next Friday, don't hesitate to comment!  I want to post what YALL want to see!  I hope yall have a great weekend!!

XO, Morgan

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