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1. I have TERRIBLE dry skin.  It is year round and never stops!  I have been using this moisturizer twice a day for 5+ years and it helps so much!!  

2. I've had this eye shadow palette for maybe a year, and I love it!  It has all the neutrals you will ever need and the perfect brush to blend it!

3. I just recently started using it's a 10 products, and they are so good!  This particular one smells amazing and seriously leaves my hair so soft and smooth!  I apply it on damp hair and let it air dry.

4. Another dry skin product!  A few years ago when it started becoming popular to cover up your dark circles, I came across this product!  The under-eye concealer I had been using looked super cakey and I needed a product to help with that.  Yes, part of the reason was the brand of concealer I was using, but this stuff is GOOD.  And not only is it a moisturizer, it actually soothes your dark circles and makes them less visible. 

5.  I recently came across this mascara, and I'm so glad I did.  I'm always so hesitant to use drug store beauty products!  I feel like they're cheaper, so they must not work that good, but that's far from the truth!  I heard so many good things about this one, so I wanted to try!  It's under $7 and is WAY WAY WAY better than the benefit mascara brand!  I usually apply two coats and my lashes are so long!!  This product is definitely going to be one of my forever favorites.

6. I bought this lipstick brand/shade this past summer and it's about gone! It is my go-to shade!  The above picture looks a lot darker than it actually is.  It's actually a basic nude color and looks so pretty on!  Not only is the color perfect, but the feeling and application of this product is by far my favorite! I'm so ready to get more shades in this brand to test it out some more!

7.  I bought this foundation a couple of months ago.  I noticed my previous foundation was way too dark for my pale skin!  Don't you hate when you lose your tan and that happens??!  Anyway, I saw so many other bloggers using this foundation, so I figured I would give it a try!  By now, you know that I have extreme dry skin.  And although I love this foundation, I think it would be way better for someone that has more oily skin.  Some days this stuff looks too good to be true, and other days when my dry skin is really showing, it looks terrible.  But I do have to say, this stuff stays on forever and doesn't budge!  

8. I have recently been really into face masks!  I heard so many good things about this clay one.  I try to use it every other day, and it honestly helps my dry skin so much.  I have noticed so much of a difference the past couple of weeks when I have consistently used it.

I have been so MIA from the blog the past couple of weeks.  I blame it on all my finals!  Thank God they are over!!! I get a three week break and I am gonna take advantage of it!

XO, Morgan

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