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This crop top and skirt combo is seriously all of my dreams.  I had my last dental hygiene Christmas party coming up and I wanted something different - not the typical red/green dress.  I found this one from Morning Lavender and I instantly fell in love with the blush pink!  Don't worry though, if you want to opt for the traditional Christmas color look, they have tons of other mix and match options!  This lace top has the most gorgeous scalloped hemline and I love the black and pink contrast!  So basically what I'm trying to say is, if you are needing the perfect dress to twirl the night away in, this is it!
Lip Color is shade "Prague".

I haven't done an outfit post in two weeks, sorry yall!  I am now on Christmas break for a few weeks so I will put forth so much more effort on my blog posts!!  And if yall have any recommendations for Friday's Christmas gift post, leave them in the comments!

XO, Morgan

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  1. What's it like to be this stunning?? Seriously thought, super cute look!!

    Happy Holidays!


    Kelly Hoover