Feelin' 22.....

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22 things about me:
1. I love Jesus - saved by grace
2. I'm obsessed with online shopping....shocking, I know
3. I am a MAJOR introvert
4. My least favorite thing to do is wash my hair
5. I am a dental hygiene student...graduating this MAY!!!!
6. I love having my nails painted, but school prevents that
7. I have a one yr old yorkie poo named Lola and she's my child..seriously
8. I have terrible road rage and a lead foot..sorry mom and dad haha
9. I could eat Chick Fil A every day
10. My favorite thing: naps and lots of them
11. Dr. Pepper is my favorite...but it's also one of my new year resolutions to get rid of......
12. I've been binge watching "New Girl"..if you've never watched it, please do. It's hilarious!
13. My boyfriend's name is John. We've been dating for almost 3 years.
14. I really kinda hate to cook
15. I love to clean..not my hair though haha
16. I love Justin Timberlake and Sam Hunt..my jams
17. I think I'm pretty funny but my boyfriend assures me that I'm not
18. I have an older brother named Madison and a little sister named Mallory
19. Mama's girl..love my daddy too though :)
20.Terrified of any kind of reptile..like dangerously terrified
21. My socks always have to match
22. Shoe addict...Dolce Vita and Jeffery Campbell are my fav

Hope yall enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it!  It was so fun to actually sit and reflect on things about me...it was actually hard to come up with 22 things haha.  

I hope yall are having a great start to 2017!  I have a feeling this is going to be a good year :)

XO, Morgan

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1 comment:

  1. Haha, cute sweater, hunters and jeans! I am terrified of cockroaches and believe I am funny too, although I have been told not to try to make a living off of it, haha!

    Marieta (ootd_in_style)