Millie Romper with Tobi

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This is one of the comfiest rompers I have ever worn!  The fit is very flowy and perfect for girls of all heights!  I love the soft olive green color, but it also comes in black and tan!  It is currently on major sale and only $28 if you use the promo code "WR50".  I paired it with my favorite layered necklace!! If you don't have one yet, you should for sure get it! I wear it a lot and it's the perfect accessory!

Happy Wednesday, yall!  I know I have been kind of MIA from the blog for the past week, but I have had so much going on! I'm officially graduated and DONE WITH SCHOOL!  So exciting, but now the real world is kicking in and it's time to find a job!! Prayers would be appreciated :)

XO, Morgan


Mother's Day Beauty Gift Guide......

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With Mother's Day being about a week away, I figured I better give yall a few gift ideas!  For me, it's always hard shopping for my Mom.  She's not the person to tell you exactly what she wants, so I usually have to get creative!  I think any mom would appreciate a good beauty gift, so I'm listing 5 of my beauty favorites that I think would be perfect for Mom!

1. Smile Brilliant has been a huge game-changer for me!  I use to hate whitening my teeth due to sensitivity, but with Smile Brilliant, they have a product that actually stops it!  I did a whole blog post on this product - you can read it here.  And did I mention that Simply Morgan Blake readers can get $25 dollars off a set of whitening trays with code "simplymorganblake25"?!  That's a huge discount!! Take advantage while you can!

2. Self tanning is SO in right now!  I know it can be scary to try new brands, because I'm sure we have all had that orange tan moment haha!  But this stuff is seriously my tried and true favorite.  It gives you a natural looking tan and the application is easy!  This starter set is only $25! You can shop it here.

3. The T3 Curling Wand Trio is a product I have been DYING to try!  I'm actually getting one in the next couple of weeks!!  I'm that girl that always hates how her hair looks. I have been using a Conair wand for the longest, and it works great...I just don't feel like it's best for my hair type.  I have very fine hair, and sometimes it's hard to hold curl!  If my barrel is small, my curls tend to stay all day, but they are super tight and not flattering.  If I use the bigger barrel, my curls looks perfect for 30 minutes and then they fall out!  I've heard amazing reviews on this product and I cannot wait to see what all the hype is about!  You can get it here.

4. This is my Mom's absolute favorite perfume, she's worn it for years!!  She usually gets it every year for Mother's Day haha.  This stuff smells amazing, too - and we all know Mom's love a good scent!  This gift set is currently $100.80 which is on major sale!  You can shop it here.

 5. Have yall tried LipSense yet??  I'm loving it so far!!  It usually lasts me 4-6 hours before I have to apply another coat, and it doesn't wipe off at all!  Drinking your coffee, kissing your boyfriend...this stuff doesn't budge! I don't sell this product, but one of my good friends does!  You can email me at if you are interested and I can get you in contact with Allison!  I think this would be a great gift for all the mom's.


Denim Romper with Tobi......

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I am loving all the rompers for Summer!  They are so easy to throw on and go!  This denim one is seriously so cute. I love the button detail on the back and pockets on the front.  It is so easy to style so many different ways!  Another thing I love about this romper, the straps are adjustable -  Being tall, I usually have so much trouble finding a romper that fits me, but this one makes it easy for everyone to adjust! It's from Tobi!  They have some super cute items at great prices!!  I will be doing a 3-part series this week with them.  So stay tuned Wednesday and Friday for more style content with Tobi! :)
I'm obsessed with my earrings, too!  They are only $8!! A little on the heavy side though.

I hope yall's Monday is off to a great start!  I will be busy running errands all day, then relax with my family tonight!

XO, Morgan


The Cap Campaign - The Ivory Closet's Campaign for Positivity.....

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I am sure most of yall have seen these hats everywhere, but there is something special about this one!  It is from The Ivory Closet boutique - located in Memphis, TN!  A few of us Memphis bloggers are starting a new campaign and it's allllll about bringing positivity to YOUR city!  You do not necessarily have to be from Memphis.
Basically, you snap a pic of you wearing your campaign cap, post on Instagram, and let us know what your campaign for positivity is for! With that being said......

I have a huge heart for animals - mainly cats and dogs!  Growing up, we always had some sort of pet, and I think that has a lot to do with my love for them.  It breaks my heart seeing animals abused and neglected - it happens 24/7 believe it or not.  Those poor babies cannot help the situation they are in and unfortunately, it's impossible to help every single cat/dog. I'm going to list a few ways you can help make a difference in their life!

1. You can ALWAYS report suspected animal abuse/neglect.  You can either contact your local police station, or PETA (757-622-7382).
2. Those hot summer months are here and often animals are left in vehicles with no air conditioner.  If you see this and the cat/dog seems to be okay, please contact your local police station and wait for the officers to get there to control the situation.  If the cat/dog seems to be suffering - bust that window open!  It is not against the law and will more than likely safe that baby.
3. If you see stray animals, call your local animal control or pet store.  They will more than likely pick them up and give them food and water!
4. Try to help when you can. If you see a stray and are able - give them food/water. It could make all the difference!
4. And lastly, you can always adopt them if you are SURE you have the supplies and time for them. DO NOT get a pet just for the fun of it because it's not always fun and can be VERY expensive!  Those babies get attached to you and it's not fair for them to be thrown from home to home because you didn't have the time or money for them.

My girl (thankfully) has no idea what it's like to be abused.  She is more than cared for haha!  Lola is the life of the party in my household and we don't know what we would do without her!  We love her SO SO SO much!  Pets become family so if you have the opportunity - adopt your own!

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