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I am sure most of yall have seen these hats everywhere, but there is something special about this one!  It is from The Ivory Closet boutique - located in Memphis, TN!  A few of us Memphis bloggers are starting a new campaign and it's allllll about bringing positivity to YOUR city!  You do not necessarily have to be from Memphis.
Basically, you snap a pic of you wearing your campaign cap, post on Instagram, and let us know what your campaign for positivity is for! With that being said......

I have a huge heart for animals - mainly cats and dogs!  Growing up, we always had some sort of pet, and I think that has a lot to do with my love for them.  It breaks my heart seeing animals abused and neglected - it happens 24/7 believe it or not.  Those poor babies cannot help the situation they are in and unfortunately, it's impossible to help every single cat/dog. I'm going to list a few ways you can help make a difference in their life!

1. You can ALWAYS report suspected animal abuse/neglect.  You can either contact your local police station, or PETA (757-622-7382).
2. Those hot summer months are here and often animals are left in vehicles with no air conditioner.  If you see this and the cat/dog seems to be okay, please contact your local police station and wait for the officers to get there to control the situation.  If the cat/dog seems to be suffering - bust that window open!  It is not against the law and will more than likely safe that baby.
3. If you see stray animals, call your local animal control or pet store.  They will more than likely pick them up and give them food and water!
4. Try to help when you can. If you see a stray and are able - give them food/water. It could make all the difference!
4. And lastly, you can always adopt them if you are SURE you have the supplies and time for them. DO NOT get a pet just for the fun of it because it's not always fun and can be VERY expensive!  Those babies get attached to you and it's not fair for them to be thrown from home to home because you didn't have the time or money for them.

My girl (thankfully) has no idea what it's like to be abused.  She is more than cared for haha!  Lola is the life of the party in my household and we don't know what we would do without her!  We love her SO SO SO much!  Pets become family so if you have the opportunity - adopt your own!

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