Friday Favorites: 5 things I'm loving lately......

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Sharing 5 of my favorite things as of late!  They are pretty random so bare with me :)

1. If it isn't obvious...palm print. Whether it's wall art, a tote, or a dress - this print has totally won me over!!  I'm loving these sunnies, this romper, this phone case, these sandals, these leggings, and these pants.

2. Diet lemonade from my favvvvvorite fast food restaurant...Chick Fil A (DUH)!  This one is a very random one, I know.  But seriously yall, I probably drink this four times a week.  Lemonade has never been my favorite thing to drink, but a few weeks ago, John really wanted lemonade, so I took him to Chick Fil A and we have both been hooked ever since!  I always get diet because it's less sugar!

3. I have been wearing these hair ties non-stop!  They have been super easy on my hair and never leave a crease!  I tend to always have my hair up when I'm at home, which can be very harsh on my hair.  So I've really loved wearing these - especially at the gym!

4. I've been living in these earrings everyday!  They are only $10 and go with literally everything!! They are also super light-weight and I've gotten a ton of compliments on them!

5. I have been listening to Maren Morris's CD for like two weeks straight!  It gets on John's nerves how repetitive I am when it comes to music.  I buy a CD and get hooked on it for a good while haha.  I really love every single song on her album!  But I think #1, #4, and #11 are my favorites so far :)

I know, these were all really random, but I think it's a fun way for yall to get to know me besides the clothes I style!  I hope yall enjoy today's post :)

It's my sister's wedding day and I'm beyond excited for her and her new husband!  Baby sis isn't so much of a baby anymore haha!  But the girls are all up and ready to tackle this hectic day ahead!!

XO, Morgan

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