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I have decided to start a "Friday Favorites" series!  Every Friday will be a different topic - this week is beauty!  I don't typically post much about beauty products, so I thought this would be a good start :)  If yall have any requests - please let me know!!  Next week I'm planning on a 4th of July post!

Each of these products are either favorites that I keep purchasing, or current favorites that I'm loving at the moment!!

1. This eyeshadow palette is amazing!! I usually do not wear eye shadow at all, but I decided to switch things up a bit and try it out!!  I am definitely not an expert at applying eye shadow, but I believe this palette makes it super user friendly!  I start out with the lighter shades, and then I like to use the sparkly copper tone in my crease.  

2. Yall I have a secret....I do not wash my face every day....I know, I'm terrible and I really should do it!  I just haven't found anything that doesn't dry my face out!  I have really been wanting to try this Tula face cleaner!! I have heard so many GOOD things about that brand!  Anyways, back to #2 - my boyfriend's grandmother (Hey Mars!) recommended this to me and I have been hooked ever since!  I DO take my makeup off every night before I go to sleep, and I use the Neutrogena makeup wipes to do that!  But after I use the makeup wipe, I use this micellar water to really get the excess makeup off.  I thought for sure my makeup wipe was doing the whole job, but NOPE!  I love this stuff!! It really feels refreshing and works!

3. This one is a MUST HAVE!!!!  Total game changer for me.  For so long, I had trouble finding an under eye concealer that worked for me.  I'm not huge into makeup - well I am, but not into trying new things. I would rather spend my money and clothing and accessories lol!  But I forced myself into buying this product because literally everyone was talking about how good it was!  YALL..this stuff is pure magic. I cannot express to yall enough how much I love this.  It has full coverage, does not cake up, and stays all day!!! I think this is my favorite product in today's post! I got the shade "Fair Neutral"

4. I'm sure all of you own a Beauty Blender by now, but if you're anything like me you may not!  I have been using one for about a year now, and I'm never going to put on my foundation any other way!!  I even use it to even out my concealer and bronzer!!  This is a must have, too!

5. This is another product I have been loving!  Can yall tell I actually bought new makeup? haha!  I bought a BareMinerals makeup kit YEARS ago that had a bronzer in it, and I seriously have used it since.  I decided I really needed a new one, and Courtney Shields from BYOBEAUTY was talking about this on one of her Youtube videos!  I decided to give it a try and I love it!! It has just the right amount of sparkle and it goes on so well! I got the shade "Bronzed Bondi"

6. I think this is officially my favorite lip stain!! Once again, I heard so many good things about it, and everyone was wearing it, so I just HAD to try!!  Yall I am in love with this!  I got the shade "Angelo" and it's a gorgeous nudish-peach color!  Haha - kind of hard to explain this one!! But it's literally all I have been wearing on my lips!  I'm going to have to get more shades asap!!

7. This is a summer must have for me! It's a foundation with medium coverage and also has SPF in it!  Great for those days when you're going to be outside for a while!!  It's also gorgeous - like it gives you a very light and glowy look thats perfect for summer! In the summer months I'm usually a shade 3!

8. I have been dying to grow my hair out.  After a bad hair-cut that took off WAYYYY too much hair, I started hating everything about my hair!  I started taking these vitamins a little over three months ago.  After taking them for two months, I got discouraged because I wasn't seeing any results.  But apparently it takes at least three months for them to really get in your system and start working!!  I'm now on my 4th month, and my hair looks longer and most definitely healthier!!

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