Pink Ruffle Dress and Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017.....

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This dress is currently on sale for $18 with code "60ALL"'s a very good quality for the price!!  Runs true to size and also comes in black and orange!

This is my second time writing this post....NBD.

The BIGGEST sale of the year starts in less than 10 days!!  I am beyond excited!  
If you haven't heard about the sale, The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is when new fall arrivals are marked down a LOT! These items are usually at least 40% off!!  I'm talking brand new boots, purses, jeans, coats, vests, sweaters, jewelry...everything!!
Find out more about the sale here
There is a small catch though.  On July 13th, the sale opens to cardholders only.  But don't worry - all you have to do is apply for a Nordstrom debit or credit card!
You can apply here

However, you can still shop the sale if you do not want to be a cardholder with Nordstrom!  The sale opens to the public on July 21st.

If you want to take a peak at the women's catalog, I'm linking it below!

Today has been so stressful!  Everything that could go wrong has went wrong already haha.  I'm just thankful that I could get this post up today!

I hope yall have a great 4th of July spent with family and friends!  Me and John went to Discovery Park of America to watch fireworks! They had a ton of food trucks - we got BBQ (duh).  It started raining right before the fireworks were supposed to start, so we hurried back to John's truck and got to watch them from his tailgate!  I think this is the 2nd time we actually got to spend the 4th together...out of 4 years lol.  He seems to always have a fishing tournament around this time!!

XO, Morgan


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