The Basic Staple Top.....

9:35 AM Simply Morgan Blake 0 Comments

This top is definitely a staple for any girl!  It is the easiest top to dress up or down, plus it's long enough for leggings.  It's on sale for $28 and comes in several colors.  My sunglasses are also super affordable, only $15!  And my sandals are one of my favorite summer buys.  They also come in rose gold, which I kinda wish I wouldn't gotten instead of the silver haha.

I'm currently typing this as I'm watching Parenthood on Netflix.  It's SO good!! I've gotten John hooked on it too haha!
Anyways, I finally got a job!  I officially start tomorrow and I'm so excited!!  God is so good!

If you have any requests for the next Friday Favorites post, please comment below!!!

XO, Morgan

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