Friday Favorites: Lola, Lipstick, and Hair Mask

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My sweet Lola had her 2nd birthday Tuesday!  I got the idea of Taco Twosday from pintrest and found this cute balloons!  This shop also has other party things, too.
My mom made her pom bandana and party hats are from Old Navy!
Lola LOVED her party!!!  She always loves to get dressed up (besides the hat) haha!  But she couldn't hang for pictures.  I guess I took too many...blogger dog probz.

Colors from left to right: Embrace, Flirtation, Devotion
Embrace is the perfect neutral!  I just got this one last week and have worn it everyday.  
Flirtation is a coral-ish red!  I wore this one for the fourth of July and get lots of compliments when I wear it.
Devotion is a darker pink color, I wear this a lot on Sunday!
Anyways, the reason why this product is one of my recent faves is because it seriously stays on and wear so well!  Sometimes lipsticks seem to seep into my lip lines, but this one doesn't!  I also love how it feels so smooth.  I usually reapply at lunch, but I don't have to.

This hair mask is seriously everything.  The tub is huge and lasted me a while - I use this as conditioner every time I wash my hair!  I only wash my hair twice a week though.  Anyways, I didn't realize how good this product really was until I ran out and had to use a different conditioner last night.  My ends look so dead and frizzy today!!!  Definitely ordering a new container ASAP!

I have been so MIA from my blog for the past couple of weeks.  I think all the NSALE stuff really drained my inspiration haha.  I'm going to try to do better though!!  I've got some good stuff planned!

XO, Morgan

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  1. Love this! I super love "blogger dog probz" ������. I need to try that embrace lippie .. it sounds perfect. Happy Friday, girl!
    Xo, Katie |