Purple Ruffle Dress For Any Occasion.....

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 I knew I wanted this dress when I saw the sleeves, BUT I could not decide on a color to save my life!!  This dress comes in 4 gorgeous colors for fall - purple, jade, navy, and pink!  I almost went with the jade one.  I think that color looks pretty on my pale skin haha!!  But purple is one of my favorite colors and I hardly ever wear it!  You just don't see enough of it.
I think this dress is perfect for literally ANY occasion.  I wore it to church, but it would also be perfect for date night or a wedding!!  The best part - it's ONLY $45!!!!  Would it be wrong for me to order another color?!

Now lets talk about my mules.  I'm going to be honest, I'm not crazy about them.  If I could send them back, I would.  I wore my Bella Vita mules FOREVER and was so obsessed with them. I'm still obsessed with them but they are tearing up - after over 2 years!  Seriously the best shoe and so comfy.  Back to the mules in this post - they are very uncomfortable.  Not that they hurt my feet, but they hurt my toes.  I have a wide foot, so I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but they seriously rub my toes raw!!  When I wear them I have to wrap bandages around my big toe.  I'm hoping they will break in!  I will keep yall updated.

Happy Wednesday, yall!!  I'm so wishing it was Friday - me, John, and my BFF Kendal are going to see Maren Morris and I'm so excited!  I have her CD in my car and I'm constantly listening to it haha!  Not sure how much fun John is going to have though..he's not the concert type!

XO, Morgan

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