Beauty Gifts.....

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There were SO many good beauty gift sets this year!  It was so hard to pick just a few, but I think all 3 of the Mac sets I picked (1, 4, & 8) would be perfect for any girl!  I personally have not tried any Mac products - shocker, I know!  I am dying to try their lipsticks!  They seem to be everyone's favorite.
Another thing that I'm drying to try is number 3!  The jade roller.  Yall may or may not have heard about them, it's something new to me.  Their purpose is to depuff and brighten your face, and I definitely need that haha.
I've heard great things about number 5!  Oribe products are super popular right now and I need all the volume I can get!!!
Number 6  is a must have for every girl!  The silk pillow case keeps hair in place while you sleep and aids in healthy skin.
The last thing that I'm wanting to try is number 12!  Can yall tell I'm obsessed with facial products? haha!  I'm all about brightening my face!!

Products that are tried and true - number 7, 9, & 10!

XO, Morgan


Cozy Gift Guide....

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This one is for all you girls like me - which I'm sure is all of us!  I'm all about the soft knits this time of year, so I've rounded up my favorite picks!!  How cure are those velvet scrunchies and plush socks?!
 I'm trying to make gift guides for all the girls out there, so please let me know if there's one you want me to do!

Yay for Friday!  I'm ready to have cozy nights in all weekend haha - I'll probably get my nails done too because they look awful!

XO, Morgan


Blue Velvet Holiday Dress.....

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Currently typing this while I'm half asleep.  So if you see any typo's, just ignore it haha!

I'm obsessed with this dress, and so is my mom lol!  I got a ton of compliments when I wore it to church Sunday morning.  I think the blue is a fun twist for a holiday dress!  I plan on wearing it to one of our Christmas's.  I paired it with my faux leather jacket.  I've had it for a while and never seem to wear it.  I feel like it looks so weird on me!!  But I spent so much on it, I hate not to wear it haha.
My earrings are from AdenandClaire!  It's an Etsy shop.  I think the earrings are perfect to wear to all of your holiday parties!!  

Happy Wednesday, Yall!  I'm beyond tired.  I really should've written this earlier, but I feel like there's never enough time!!  

XO, Morgan


Gift's Under $30.....

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Happy Monday!  I will be doing my gift guides on Monday's and Friday's until Christmas - so stay tuned!  If yall have any requests, please let me know in the comments below :)
What are yall up to today?  Me and mom have a few errands to run - getting some more ribbon for the Christmas tree and taking some pictures for the blog.

XO, Morgan