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There were SO many good beauty gift sets this year!  It was so hard to pick just a few, but I think all 3 of the Mac sets I picked (1, 4, & 8) would be perfect for any girl!  I personally have not tried any Mac products - shocker, I know!  I am dying to try their lipsticks!  They seem to be everyone's favorite.
Another thing that I'm drying to try is number 3!  The jade roller.  Yall may or may not have heard about them, it's something new to me.  Their purpose is to depuff and brighten your face, and I definitely need that haha.
I've heard great things about number 5!  Oribe products are super popular right now and I need all the volume I can get!!!
Number 6  is a must have for every girl!  The silk pillow case keeps hair in place while you sleep and aids in healthy skin.
The last thing that I'm wanting to try is number 12!  Can yall tell I'm obsessed with facial products? haha!  I'm all about brightening my face!!

Products that are tried and true - number 7, 9, & 10!

XO, Morgan

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