Blue Velvet Holiday Dress.....

6:56 AM Simply Morgan Blake 0 Comments

Currently typing this while I'm half asleep.  So if you see any typo's, just ignore it haha!

I'm obsessed with this dress, and so is my mom lol!  I got a ton of compliments when I wore it to church Sunday morning.  I think the blue is a fun twist for a holiday dress!  I plan on wearing it to one of our Christmas's.  I paired it with my faux leather jacket.  I've had it for a while and never seem to wear it.  I feel like it looks so weird on me!!  But I spent so much on it, I hate not to wear it haha.
My earrings are from AdenandClaire!  It's an Etsy shop.  I think the earrings are perfect to wear to all of your holiday parties!!  

Happy Wednesday, Yall!  I'm beyond tired.  I really should've written this earlier, but I feel like there's never enough time!!  

XO, Morgan

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