Fitness Motivation for the New Year.....

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Fitness and weight loss is the number one resolution that people make every year - and this is the year to stick to it!!  I am currently trying to lose 20lbs and trying to tone my legs and arms...don't think I will ever be able to tone my stomach haha!!
I have been doing great on my diet - I'm doing Weight Watchers and so far, so good!  I haven't been to the gym this year yet, though.  I hate the thought of going, but after a workout, I'm always so glad that I went. It always makes me feel better about myself.
Obviously yall can tell that I love buying "cute" clothes to wear every day of the week.  And with that being said, it usually doesn't leave me much money to spend on workout clothes haha.  I have GOT to start incorporating them into my budget, I haven't bought workout clothes in like 2 years and I'm in desperate need in some new tennis shoes!  I figured this post would give me some more motivation and hopefully yall, too!  Nothing like new workout clothes to get you motivated! :)

I'm going to start doing posts like this every Monday. One of my resolutions is to take care of my blog more this year.  I'm thinking a Sweater post next Monday!!

I hope yall have a great week!  It has almost been 2 years since I started this blog!!  So unreal - I'm SO thankful for yall that read them!  Seriously, yall are THE BEST!!!  So much love to yall.

XO, Morgan


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