Friday Favorites.....

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Friday Favorites is starting back up again!!  This was yall's favorite post every week - I don't know why I ever stopped!!  I have a lot of new faces around here, so let me explain. Every Friday I round up 5 of my favorite things.  It can be ANYTHING. Songs, food, beauty, books..literally anything that I'm loving that week!

1. Sugarfix by BaubleBar at Target has sent me 2 packages full of goodies!  I have been a fan of them since they started last year.  They are super affordable accessories (pictures above).  I think all of these are under $15!!  

2. I typically only wash my hair once a week. With that being said, sometimes the ends get pretty dull.  Influenster was so kind to send me a fun Christmas package with a few different products to try out. One of my favorites was a dry conditioner! It seriously brings life back into my hair and smells so so good!  I will for sure be repurchasing.

3. I have been living in this sherpa pullover.  I got the white one (shown above) and I wear it just about every single day.  Whether it's going to run a quick errand, lounging around the house, or over my scrubs to work in the morning - I seem to always have it on!!  So warm and cozy!

4. This next one is a healthy snack option.  Like I said in my birthday post, I have been doing Weight Watchers. I started almost 2 weeks ago!  These cheese puffs are SO good and only 4pts on the diet!  There is a lot in one bag, too!

5. And last but not least are the leather leggings I have been posting a lot on Instagram and I'm also wearing in the photo above!  I did not think they would be this comfortable but I wear them around the house quite a bit!

Enjoy your weekend!!!

XO, Morgan

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