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I want to start this post off by saying THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for so much love on my last blog post!  Yall's kind words seriously made my day.  I love hearing feedback from yall!!

Now, the 5 things I'm loving this week!

1. I've always been a fan of the Revlon gel polish, but they did not have many colors to choose from.  They just released some new colors, though!!  This color is my current favorite!  It's the perfect brown!  Be sure to top it with this or it won't last.  Mine typically lasts 4-5 days, but I'm SUPER hard on my nails.  There is a base coat that I've heard great things about that I'm dying to try!  I think I'm going to order it and then let yall know my thoughts.

2. I've been looking all over for Valentine's Day outfit inspo!  I've got a few looks in mind to put together for yall, including this tee! 

3.  Since I moved to Memphis about 2-3 years ago, I've been a huge Starbucks fan.  I have moved back home since then and we don't have one - small town probz.  All of that to say, I don't really drink coffee, but lately I have felt like I needed it in the morning!  We have a Keurig and I just use whatever black coffee pods we have - obviously I don't drink it black!!  But I've been doing WW too so I have to watch and track everything I intake.  So I've been putting about 1/4 of  this protein shake and 2-3 packets of sweet n' low, depending on the size of my mug/tumbler.  This comes out to be like zero points on my diet!  I also like the Strawberry flavor, but don't put in in my coffee!  You can buy these at Walmart.

4. The next thing I'm loving is this phone case.  Casely contacted me and wanted to send me one to test out for yall, and so far so good!  They're just as good as the $50 Sonix cases that I usually use!  Plus, with every purchase they donate $1 to the ASPCA!

5.  And lastly, I'm obsessed with the new Kendra Scott spring collection!  Honestly, I have gotten so bored with Kendra Scott and I think a lot of others have, too.  I was super impressed when they released the Spring collection!  So many different pieces and amazing stones!!  I'm linking my favorites below along with everything else in this post!!

Happy Friday!!!

XO, Morgan


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