What's In My Cart......

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Figured I would do a round up of some things I have my eye on - lets be real, I can't afford all of this haha!!

The top things on my list are #2, #7, #12...but LOL OMG I WANT IT ALL!

Definitely ordering the luggage soon!  I have a few trips planned this summer and am in desperate need of new luggage!  I love the rose gold!!

XO, Morgan


Denim Jacket and White Jeans.......

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One of my favorite looks for spring so far!  I've been searching for the perfect denim jacket..I knew I wanted one that had a little distressing, but not too much & this one nailed it!  I also love the wash!!  Can't wait to pair it with shorts - now I'm on the hunt for those!
The top that I'm wearing underneath the jacket is also a favorite.  I have it in 2 colors and want them all!  It's so easy to throw on and go for a casual look.
Also finally got a new pair of white jeans lol. They are my current favorite brand and I'm pretty sure around $40.
Also Also...really loving braids and scarves right now.
Also Also Also...both my shoes and bag are sold out. I linked similar options that are more affordable!


XO, Morgan


Straw Bag Trend - Save or Splurge......

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Straw bags are all the rage right now - one in particular is this one that I have.  It's sold out everywhere in the nude color, but available in blush and black.  But do I think the price tag is worth it?  NO.
Yes, the Clare V. Alice straw bag is basically THE bag for Spring, but there are so many cheaper options that are just as good or better!
#6 is under $20!!!  Seriously, every girl needs it for Spring!
Most of the rest of these are well under $100.
My favorites are #3, #4, #9, and #12....especially #9!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

XO, Morgan


Hair Scarf and Stripe Off the Shoulder Top........

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This is one of my favorite looks so far!!  I am completely obsessed with the hair scarf trend this season!!!  I think I'm going to wear one every day haha!  Mine is only $12.50 and comes in a ton of color options - it can be worn a lot of different ways, too!
My top is a new favorite.  So dang comfy and can be worn on or off the shoulder!  I really want the solid white and the red stripes!
My favorite distressed black jeans - by far!
These wedges are also amazing!!  My foot is a little wide so they weren't too comfy the first time I wore them, but they are breaking in!  I've heard from a lot of others that they are the comfiest ever - so if you have a narrow or normal width foot, you should be good to go!!  I love them even more after seeing these pics of me wearing them!  So flattering!!

Happy Wednesday!!!  I'm off for the next 2 days and I'm not sure what to do with myself..I haven't been off that long in months lol!  Also had a kidney stone scare Monday - thankfully I don't think it was one, just a kidney infection!  But seriously the worst pain ever.  
I hope yall have a great rest of the week!!

XO, Morgan


Easter 2018

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Happy Easter from Lola and me!!

This post is long overdue - I have had no time to take any pictures, and when I did, it was always raining!  We finally got around to shooting Easter this past weekend; Lola did SO good!  Such a model pup!!
My mom made her little dress. I picked out the fabric, I new I wanted white eyelet!  I've been seeing it everywhere lately - plus I knew she would be so cute in it....she's cute in everything!
This dress designer is officially my favorite!!  I already have 2 buy her and they are both ahhhmazing!  I linked it from 2 different retailers because the dress isn't available in all sizes from Nordstrom. I love the soft florals and mix of pleats in the ruffles!
Also very obsessed with these mules!  They are sold out in white but available in 3 other options!  They are so comfy and I love the ruffle detail - so unique!

We spent our Easter in Murfreesboro, TN this year!  My sister and BIL live there and he is a pastor, so we visited their church and had lunch with them!  No, Lola wasn't allowed to go to church :(  She wore her dress proudly though!!!

I hope yall had the best Easter weekend!  Feeling very thankful and blessed to be a follower in Christ - HE LIVES!!!

XO, Morgan