Affordable White Jeans and Florl Kimono......

8:01 AM Simply Morgan Blake 0 Comments

I'm probably going to wear this outfit once a week - I love it that much!!  And it's super affordable!  My kimono is around $25 and earrings are $16!  I love them paired together.
These sunglasses have quickly became my go-to's.  They're probably all I'm going to wear this summer!!  I'm obsessed!
If you're looking for an affordable white jean, these are it!  I have these jeans in several washes - they are SO good!!  They aren't too see through either.

Happy Wednesday!
I hope yall had a great MDW and are making it through the week haha!
John will finally come home this weekend, probably Sunday. It has been 2 weeks and I'm dying lol!

XO, Morgan

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