Distressed Tee and Nordstrom Anniversary Sale....

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This is the best tee - I think I wanna order the white too!  It's a thicker material so it's not see-through at all and I love the edgy look of the distressing!  I've talked about these jeans a ton but they are literally all I wear haha!

But the main reason for this post if to discuss the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! 
No but really, this is the best sale all year.  The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is when BRAND NEW Fall items come out at a DISCOUNTED price.  Like Whaaaat?!?!?!  I don't understand why they do it but I'm not complaining haha.

The sale starts July 12th, but it is not open to the public.  You have to be a Nordstrom Cardholder.  I'm pretty sure they don't offer a debit card option anymore, but you can still sign up for a credit card!  You might need the credit card anyways cause there is gonna be so many good things to buy lol!  There is also a point system - so after you spend a certain amount they award you with a $20 Nordstrom note!
You can apply for a Nordstrom credit card here.

The sale opens to the public on July 20th, but a lot of the good stuff is gone by then.  Sometimes they restock items and sometimes they don't until after the sale.  This is why it's so important to go ahead and sign up for a Nordstrom card and shop early!

What will I be shopping for?
SHOES.  They are the first thing I look at! I am a bootie obsessed girl.  I think they are my favorite thing to buy ever!  I'm also going to be shopping for basic tees, cardigans, sweaters, and maybe a handbag!  I know a lot of people shop for jeans.  I'm SUPER picky about jeans, and I haven't really tried designer jeans so I don't know what brand I will like!  Might try a pair of AG jeans though!

The sale also includes items that you can wear right now and into the cooler months!  I'm going to be shopping for those, too!

I'm going to be up as soon as the sale starts around midnight on July 12th!  I will be working on putting a blog post together at that time - I will group things by category to make it easier! I will also have a tab at the top of my blog that will be updated a lot!

I hope that answered your questions!  Can't wait to shop with you!

Xo, Morgan

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