New Orleans Bachelorette Trip......

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Overralls | Tee | Sandals | Sunglasses | Luggage

I think this post has been my most requested ever!  Disclaimer - I have only been to NOLA once and am not familiar with the city.  I'm only sharing my experience and what we did!  Also, wear your most comfortable shoes everywhere you go!

We got an Air BNB for 2 nights - kinda stayed in a sketch part of town (we didn't know when booking it), but it was all good!  The place was super cute and real spacious!  We brought our own decorations too!!

The first day we ventured to Bourbon St. and ate at some little cafe - I don't remember the name but it was really good!  Then we just kinda hung around until we needed to go back and get ready for the night.  The first night was "Black and White" night.  So we had 2 brides - a double bach party!  They wore white and the rest of us wore black.  My dress looked REAL bad on me - it was from Nordstrom and I'm not even going to share which dress it was.  It was form fitting, hugged in all the WRONG places.  Like it made me look bigger than what I was!  With that being said, I'm not sharing pics from that night haha!  We ate at The Oyster House and it wasn't great lol - just being honest!

Skirt - not sure where they got the shirts - probably Etsy!  And the rest of my outfit is linked above :)

The second day we all dressed up in our matching shirts and went to brunch!  We ate at The Ruby Slipper and it was sooo good!  I got a sample of there benedicts and they were all good!  Afterwards, we walked to the French Quarter!

Just a few pics along our walk!  There are so many gorgeous buildings in NOLA!  Our walk was like 30 minutes long - we were SO hot and sweaty...I had to take my weave out lol!  But I think the heat was worth it because we actually got to see a lot of cute stuff! 

Our group pic at the French Quarter!  I think it's like their court square!  It was so cute and there was a lot of different shops and boutiques!  We stopped at the Cafe Du Monde gift shop and bought a t-shirt.  That place is popular for their beignets - we didn't get a chance to stop and eat there though.

Sequin Top | Shorts | Cape - Lauren got her outfit from MissGuided!

This is Lauren!! I'm going to be in her wedding in August!  One of my BFF's from hygiene school!

Our last night was "Girl's Night Out" themed!  We just wore funky/festival clothes and it was so much fun!  My cape was a hit and it was reallll fun to wear all night!  If you have any excuse to wear a cape, DO IT.  Seriously so fun.  Okay I think I've described my cape as "fun" 3 times.  Yall get the point.
We ate at Oceana Grill - SO good and highly recommend!  We got cheese fries and crab cakes for appetizers and they were both so good.  I think everyone had a good meal!

Uber's were pretty cheap!  We pretty much traveled everywhere in them.
Once again, where comfy shoes.  I don't care if they don't match your outfit.  And even if you wear comfy shoes, your feet will still hurt.  Our feet and ankles were swollen for like 3 days after!!  I think it's just part of the experience lol.

I think that sums up our trip!! Hope this was helpful!

XO, Morgan

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