Lola's 3rd Birthday.....

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I can't believe she's already 3!!  She has grown up too fast...sad dog mom here.  I love her so much and we have so much fun doing party's every year!!  Lola was really into taking pics this year lol!  I think she is just really use to the camera.  And she LOVES her teepee!  If you saw my insta stories, you know what it was much bigger than I expected.  But Lola loves it so I kept it haha.

S/O to my sister for making her cake!!  John legit thought it was a real human cake.  I told him the icing was mashed potatoes and he was pretty disappointed hahaha!  But seriously, I LOVED her cake!  My sis did such a good job!

And funny story...Lola's candles were the kind that come back to life after you blow them out.  So I was having to continuously blow them out.  Lola was so confused lol.

I'm gonna share 3 fun facts about her!!

1. Lola was an impulse buy.  I was notified that she was for sale and bought her the same day!!  Best decision ever.

2. Lola's favorite word is "go".  She loves to go!!  She even knows what car I drive and goes directly to it when we leave.  Hers smart.

3. Lola loves her new baby cousin!!  Lola doesn't like kids at all..I think it's because we don't have any kids in the family so she's just not use to them.  She was very jealous of the baby at first.  Like I couldn't even take pictures of Payton without Lola growling and crying lol.  But my sis and baby came to visit us this past weekend and Lola was all about her!!  She was the first thing Lola looked for in the mornings.

3 things isn't enough..I could go on and on all day!!

XO, Lola's Mom

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