Men's Gift Guide.....

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1. 1. Sonicare Electric Toothbrush - I had to haha!!  This is my favorite toothbrush (I also like the Oral-B) and it's on sale!

2. Patagonia Vest - obsessed with the color of this!  John wore a puffer jacket the other day and it looked so good!  I love this option, too!

4. Charging Station - I LOVE this one!  He can charge his phone and watch + put his wallet, loose change, pocket knife, etc. in here so the counter doesn't get messy!

5. Bluetooth Speaker - great for when he wants to listen to music in the shower and if he is outside a lot!  John is always fishing and he likes to have one of these in the boat!

6. Smart Water Bottle - for the healthy guys!!  This will track your water intake everyday!

7. Lamer Mini Skin Kit - I think most guys don't take care of their skin like they is never too early to start!!  I've heard great things about this brand!

13. Patagonia Pullover Sweater - a necessity for every guy!  Comes in several options!

14. Dressier Tennis Shoes - I've heard this brand is really comfy!

XO, Morgan

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