Recent Beauty Favorites....Some REALLY Good Finds

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I haven't done a beauty post in forever - I just don't switch up my routine much!  BUT these are some products I have used DAILY for several months and are my new staples!!

1. Charlotte Tilbury Contour Wand - This product is SO dang good!!!  It's a cream contour that seems very intimidating at first, but blends out beautifully!  I have the lightest shade and it worked great when I was tan, and it works great now that I'm a ghost haha!  My favorite product from today's post!

2. Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector - if you have dark circles, this product is for you!  I apply this to my under eyes before my foundation!  It just adds a thin pink layer to cover your dark circles and helps the under eye concealer work better!  A good product for no-makeup days, too!

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz - Okay, I know I'm super late to the game on this product!  I just thought the brow pencil I used before was as good as it got!  I use to use the Elf brow pencil, and it definitely is a good brow product if you are on a budget!  I'm just so obsessed with how well the Brow Wiz applies and blends!  I wear the shade "soft brown"!

4. Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder GLOW - This product gives the best glow!!!  A little goes a long way - I linked the mini version because that's what I have!  I use this to highlight my nose, cupid's bow, and then I lightly dust my whole face with it!  Sooooo pretty!

5. Tula Face Filtering Blurring & Moisturizing Primer - this is literally the best face primer I have ever used - and I've used most of the popular ones!  It really blurs and covers your pores!  Makes your foundation look so so so good!

Hope yall loved today's post!  Let me know if you try any products and let me know what you think!!

XO, Morgan


Our Engagement....

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Dress (size down)| Heels  (size down)

Dress | Heels (size down)
This dress is less than $30 and on prime!!

Pictures by Kelsey Hawkins Photography

We get married in 19 days!!!
And I'm JUST now writing a blog post about our engagement haha!

Honestly, we took our pictures in August, which was kind of late, but it's John's fault lol!  He got a TERRIBLE hair cut in July..I mean he was basically bald!!!  So we had to wait for his hair to grow out!  It took forever and it still isn't right haha.

Our Engagement

Me and John were in Murfreesboro, TN celebrating my sister's graduation.  My BIL is a pastor, so we were going to go to church with them the next day!  John had something else planned though, he took me to Cheekwood in Nashville, TN and it was beautiful!  It's a huge mansion that has been turned into a museum and has a few surrounding botanical gardens.  That's where John proposed and I wouldn't have it any other way!  And yes, I was expecting it lol! 
Fun fact:  My sister also got engaged at Cheekwood!  John had no idea..I honestly don't even know how he found the place!
Pic of my ring below! 

Answering a few questions yall asked:
1. The theme/style of my wedding is boho glam!
2. The thing I'm looking forward to the most about being married is always coming home to each other at the end of the day!  We live 40 minutes apart and have been together for 5 1/2 years..most of those years we lived 2 hours apart due to school.  So we have always had to make an effort to see each other!  It'll be nice to never have to ask or wonder if we will see each other that day.
3. I've said on IG where my wedding is, but I don't feel comfortable sharing on my blog for privacy reasons!  But it's basically a white barn!  We are having the ceremony outside and reception in inside and outside!
4.  We are going to live in Union City, TN!

If yall have any questions about wedding planning, let me know and I will try to answer!!


Gordmans is Growing......

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Gordmans in Dyersburg, TN is officially open!!!  
They just opened 72 new locations - check HERE to find a location near you, so you can have just as much fun as I did!

The prices at Gordmans are amazing!!  I found amazing deals - can you believe I got all of my stuff for $100?!  There is something for everyone at Gordmans - home decor, Christmas decorations, Clothing, Shoes, Household items, and SO much more!

I personally was shopping for Fall home decor!  I'm about to get married and I have a whole house that needs decorating.  I plan on putting the "hello fall" sign and orange and white pumpkins on my fireplace mantle!  They had the cutest little decorations perfect for any kind of mantles or side tables!

I fell IN LOVE with the "Thankful" pumpkin!  I love the rustic vibes..still deciding on where I want to put it!  I'm thinking on my kitchen counter!  It does have the option to hang on the door, too!  I'm definitely planning on putting the "welcome" sign outside!  I styled it above with the small pumpkins and Lola!  It's going to be the perfect addition to my outdoor decor!

The metal tin container is a mail holder!!  I'm hanging this on the wall in our Laundry room!  It will be the perfect place to keep our keys and mail organized.  They had a TON of stuff like this!  It was so hard to decide what I wanted.

I walked past the faux grass several times and just kept staring at it!  I originally wasn't going to buy it because it wasn't too "fall", but I think I'm going to put it in one of our bathrooms!  It's something that never goes out of style!

I also got a candle! They had a large selection of candles - and most of them had super cute decorative jars!  I went with this navy jar in the scent "midnight fig"and it's soooo good!

And last but not least, I got a pack of Apple Cinnamon bread mix!  They had a ton of these in different flavors, also mixes for protein pancakes, scones, dips, soups, and more!  It was so hard to pick just one! 

What I shared is just a SMALL portion from the home decor section!  They have everything!!  Throw pillows, wall decor, decorative chairs/benches, hampers, containers, name it, they got it!

If you stop at Gordmans, be sure to tag me in your insta stories and use #gotitatgordmans and #gthanks 


Gordmans links below:
1.  Store
5. Pinterest

Thanks to Gordmans for sponsoring today's post!


March Instagram Round Up.....

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Top | Jeans | Wedges

Top | Similar Shorts | Headband

Top | Jeans

Dress | Jacket | Hat | Sandals

Top | Jeans | Sandals | Purse

Skirt | Tee | Jacket | Hat | Wedges

Jumpsuit | Sandals

Romper | Shoes

Tee | Jeans | Sandals | Headband

Top | Jeans | Necklace

Tee | Shorts | Sandals | Purse | Earrings | Necklace

Top | Headband | Necklace

Romper | Sandals


Hair Care - All the Products I Use.....

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I'm beyond obsessed with this top!  This smocked style and square neck is sooo flattering and I literally want to by all the things with that fit!  It runs a little small in the arms, so I suggest sizing up!


Okay, I've been meaning to get this post up!  Can't believe it's taking me this long to write it lol.  I get questions all the time on what products I use on my hair - answering them now!

My Salon uses the best products ever, and most of what I use on my hair comes from there!  You can shop the entire line of products HERE.


1. Shampoo - THIS ONE is my favorite from the line!  They are all really good though!  Just depends what you are personally wanting/needing for your hair.

2. Conditioner - THIS ONE

3. Hair Mask - I usually only use it once a month, but when I do it's THIS ONE


1. Leave in conditioner/detangler - HERE

2. Serum - I've been using THIS BRAND - it is expensive, but I bought it in September of last year and I still have a good amount left!  Given, I only wash my hair about once a week.that makes a difference too!
When I run out of it, I'm going to try THIS ONE from Unite!

3. Setting Lotion - HERE - this stuff helps my hair hold curl!  I apply it right before I blow dry, roots to ends!

4. THIS STUFF is a miracle worker!  It makes your hair soooo silky smooth!  You must try this product!! It does require you to blow dry your hair though - worth it!

5. Hair Brush - HERE


1. Glossing Spray - HERE - I use this as a heat protectant + it makes your hair super shiny!  I spray it when my hair looks a little dull too!

2. Texturizing spray - HERE - I've tried several different ones and this one is the best!  I spray it before and after I curl my hair!

3. Hair Spray - THIS ONE hold so well!  I only use it on my roots when I tease my hair! I usually just tease it at the crown!  I also tease my hair around my face when I put it in a pony tail and use this hair spray then too.

4. Dry Shampoo - HERE - and you can read about how I use it HERE

5. Curling Iron - THIS ONE - It's expensive, but worth the investment! 
THIS ONE is cheaper and amazing too!  My hair salon uses this brand!!

6. Teasing Comb - HERE

That was a lot of info - hope it was helpful and not confusing!!

XO, Morgan


Spring Favorites.....

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1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6. | 7. | 8. | 9. | 10. | 11. | 12. | 13.

So many good Spring items right now...these are my current favorites!

XO, Morgan


How to go a week+ without washing your hair......

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Happy Friday!!

I'm always telling yall on Insta stories how I wash my hair MAYBE once a week...I can usually go 10 days!  I've gotten tons of messages about how I do this!  Sharing my tips and tricks in today's post!

I will say that having extensions makes a HUGE difference.  I think it is one of the main reasons why I can go so long without crazy!!  I highly recommend the extensions I wear - will talk more about them in another post in a couple weeks.

Tips and Tricks:

1. Obviously, dry shampoo is going to be discussed lol!  HERE is the brand I use!  But the real trick to dry shampoo is blowing drying it in!
I generously spray it on the areas I need, let it set for a couple minutes, and then massage it into my scalp as I'm blowing drying it!

2. You can train your hair!!  Do you wash every other day because it just gets to oily??  You can train it! 
Start with every other day, and do that for a couple of times.  Then, push it an extra day and do that a couple times....continue the pattern until you reach you goal! (lol, goal)  Your hair will get use to it and will stop producing so many oils.  Soon, you will be able to do it once a week!
I hope I explained this good enough!

3. Sleep with your hair up!  I usually use a scrunchie and put it in a loose top knot!  Personally, it doesn't make creases in my hair.  I got my scrunchies from HERE

4. Do not be afraid to wear your hair in a pony tail.  This one might sound silly, but I wear mine up probably 50% of the time and I swear it helps.
I'm a dental hygienist, so naturally I have to wear my hair up at work!  I work 3 days a week, so my hair is up on those days!  If I'm at home, my hair is usually in a pony tail or bun.  For the most part, if I'm going somewhere that day, I wear my hair down but sometimes I do wear it in a pony tail or braid!! You can def make pony tails cute!

5. HATS - lol.  I love my hats, and they hide the 10 day hair!!  I just ordered THIS ONE for spring!

Okay that's all my tips!  If you try any of them, try #1!!  It makes all the difference!

XO, Morgan