Favorite Items from 2018......

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Finally getting my first blog post of the year up!

I have kinda taken a break from blogging and Instagram the past couple of months, and I'm so glad I did!  I've really been focusing on the people around me instead of worrying about how many likes I get on a photo.  
If you are a blogger reading this post and suffering from the comparison game...TAKE A BREAK.  You do not need any kind of negativity in your life...especially from Instagram.

Okay, now back to the reason for this blog post!

My FAVORITE things I have purchased in 2018!

1. Old Navy jeans - My favorite pair are these!  But really any of the mid-rise Rockstar jeans are the best!

2. Quay Sunglasses - my all time favorite sunglasses..I always get asked where they are from!

3.  The whole Tula skincare line!  I have a full blog post on everything I use HERE.
This stuff has seriously changed my skin, and I know a ton of other people who use it too!
Be sure to use code SIMPLYMORGAN for 20% off your order!

4. OTK Boots - I had a hard time finding ones that fit right, but finally found a really good pair!  I will say that I do not have super skinny legs..I would say mine are average, and these are stretchy and actually stay up over your knee.  They come in 3 colors and usually go on sale for 30% off so I recommend waiting until they are on sale AND make sure you get express shipping or it will take forever for them to come in. Linking all 3 pairs below.

5. Basic Tee's - These are my favorite!  I wear them year round.  I have them in several colors, but I do recommend sizing up!  They shrink a little when you wash them.

6. Self Tanner - If yall have followed me for a while, you know that I absolutely loathe applying self tanner!  Because of that, I was determined to find one I didn't mind applying.  I tried I think 4-5 different ones and found one I really love!! The color is so good and lasts about 6-7 days.  Linking everything I use to apply it and exfoliate below.

7. Gold Hoop Earrings - I wear this pair almost daily!  They are so light-weight and go with everything.
P.S. - I do not make commission from this link.  I truly love these and wear them daily so I wanted to include them in today's post.

8. Lipstick - I'm so glad I came across this brand!!  It is officially my favorite lipstick.  It is a little drying, but still looks so smooth!  My 2 favorite colors are Honeycomb and Sake!

9.  Hairspray - This stuff is THE best...holds for daysssss.  I used the Tresemme extra hold hair spray for years, but I'm officially converted to this one now!  I usually only use hair spray on my roots where I tease my hair.  I use this texturizing spray to hold my curls.

10.  Express hoodie - I'm so sad that this is no longer available, luckily I snagged it in 2 colors!  I did find one that it very similar here and comes in some really cute color options.  By the looks of it, I would size up for a more oversized fit.

11. Wedges - I wore these all last spring and summer!  They are so so comfy and come in new colors and a slightly new style for Spring 2019!  Highly recommend!

12. Buff City Soap Shower Oil - Okay I'm really obsessed with this stuff.  It leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth + it smells amazing!!  I recommend the "Love Potion" scent!!!  It smells just like Victoria's Secret "Love Spell" that we all wore in middle school!  I apply it right before I get out of the shower and slightly rinse it off.
Once again, I do not make commission from this link, I just really love the product!

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