How to go a week+ without washing your hair......

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Happy Friday!!

I'm always telling yall on Insta stories how I wash my hair MAYBE once a week...I can usually go 10 days!  I've gotten tons of messages about how I do this!  Sharing my tips and tricks in today's post!

I will say that having extensions makes a HUGE difference.  I think it is one of the main reasons why I can go so long without crazy!!  I highly recommend the extensions I wear - will talk more about them in another post in a couple weeks.

Tips and Tricks:

1. Obviously, dry shampoo is going to be discussed lol!  HERE is the brand I use!  But the real trick to dry shampoo is blowing drying it in!
I generously spray it on the areas I need, let it set for a couple minutes, and then massage it into my scalp as I'm blowing drying it!

2. You can train your hair!!  Do you wash every other day because it just gets to oily??  You can train it! 
Start with every other day, and do that for a couple of times.  Then, push it an extra day and do that a couple times....continue the pattern until you reach you goal! (lol, goal)  Your hair will get use to it and will stop producing so many oils.  Soon, you will be able to do it once a week!
I hope I explained this good enough!

3. Sleep with your hair up!  I usually use a scrunchie and put it in a loose top knot!  Personally, it doesn't make creases in my hair.  I got my scrunchies from HERE

4. Do not be afraid to wear your hair in a pony tail.  This one might sound silly, but I wear mine up probably 50% of the time and I swear it helps.
I'm a dental hygienist, so naturally I have to wear my hair up at work!  I work 3 days a week, so my hair is up on those days!  If I'm at home, my hair is usually in a pony tail or bun.  For the most part, if I'm going somewhere that day, I wear my hair down but sometimes I do wear it in a pony tail or braid!! You can def make pony tails cute!

5. HATS - lol.  I love my hats, and they hide the 10 day hair!!  I just ordered THIS ONE for spring!

Okay that's all my tips!  If you try any of them, try #1!!  It makes all the difference!

XO, Morgan

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