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I'm beyond obsessed with this top!  This smocked style and square neck is sooo flattering and I literally want to by all the things with that fit!  It runs a little small in the arms, so I suggest sizing up!


Okay, I've been meaning to get this post up!  Can't believe it's taking me this long to write it lol.  I get questions all the time on what products I use on my hair - answering them now!

My Salon uses the best products ever, and most of what I use on my hair comes from there!  You can shop the entire line of products HERE.


1. Shampoo - THIS ONE is my favorite from the line!  They are all really good though!  Just depends what you are personally wanting/needing for your hair.

2. Conditioner - THIS ONE

3. Hair Mask - I usually only use it once a month, but when I do it's THIS ONE


1. Leave in conditioner/detangler - HERE

2. Serum - I've been using THIS BRAND - it is expensive, but I bought it in September of last year and I still have a good amount left!  Given, I only wash my hair about once a week.that makes a difference too!
When I run out of it, I'm going to try THIS ONE from Unite!

3. Setting Lotion - HERE - this stuff helps my hair hold curl!  I apply it right before I blow dry, roots to ends!

4. THIS STUFF is a miracle worker!  It makes your hair soooo silky smooth!  You must try this product!! It does require you to blow dry your hair though - worth it!

5. Hair Brush - HERE


1. Glossing Spray - HERE - I use this as a heat protectant + it makes your hair super shiny!  I spray it when my hair looks a little dull too!

2. Texturizing spray - HERE - I've tried several different ones and this one is the best!  I spray it before and after I curl my hair!

3. Hair Spray - THIS ONE hold so well!  I only use it on my roots when I tease my hair! I usually just tease it at the crown!  I also tease my hair around my face when I put it in a pony tail and use this hair spray then too.

4. Dry Shampoo - HERE - and you can read about how I use it HERE

5. Curling Iron - THIS ONE - It's expensive, but worth the investment! 
THIS ONE is cheaper and amazing too!  My hair salon uses this brand!!

6. Teasing Comb - HERE

That was a lot of info - hope it was helpful and not confusing!!

XO, Morgan

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