2020 Gift Guides.......

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Our Bride and Groom Portraits.....

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We literally have 1,000 photos so I just had to narrow it down to my favorites!  I absolutely love looking back at our pictures - I can feel so much love and emotion looking back on our day.  It was so perfect and these pictures are the best reminder.  I wish we could go back and do it all over again!

Yesterday marked a year since John proposed!!  So crazy to think we've been married longer now than we were engaged. We had a super short engagement - 5 months!  Ask me how I did it....I have no clue haha!  You can read our engagement blog post HERE

XO, Morgan


My Self Tanning Routine.....

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Bodysuit  (on sale for $6!) | Shorts | Headband

This post is long overdue!!  I've tried so many self tanners and I'm sharing my 3 current favorites!  


I currently use the "medium" shade and it's pretty dark!  When it gets warmer out, I'll use the Ultra Dark!  This self tanner is one of the best!  Lasts 5-7 days before I have to reapply.

I wore this one alllll last summer!  It quickly became a favorite because it's only $12 and the color is amazing! Very similar to the one listed above.  

I wore this one a lot last year too!  I need to repurchase because it's a good one!  I would not recommend this one to beginners though, you cannot see where you apply it.  I've personally never had an issue with missing a spot, but I think I'm a pro lol.  The color is very natural, but still a great medium color!  This Mousse is also Clean!

4. Jergen’s Natural Glow ***** just added
New favorite this year!!! I might even like it better than Loving Tan?! 2 coats of this gives me a really pretty color and it smells amazing! I do have to apply this twice a week though. 


In order for your tan to go on smoothly, you need to exfoliate your whole body!  I do this once a week!  I use a good razor, exfoliating mitt, and body scrub!

The BEST razor I've ever used!!  I've been using for 7 months now and I'm never going back.  It gives the smoothest shave and I never have razor burn.  It is a subscription service, but it's so easy to cancel at any time.  Only $9 to get started.  I get new razors every 2 months, so it's $9 every 2 months!  Super inexpensive!! You want to be sure you shave before you tan!!

I'm putting these together because I use them together!  I just started to add a sugar scrub as a body exfoliant, and woah...GAME CHANGER!  This combo removes old self tanner, and gives a really smooth surface for your new tan to go onto!  I use to just use a mitt alone, but I will never do that again.  This combo just works!
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These tips are important, do not skip anything!!

1. Heavily moisturize feet, ankles, knees, hands, wrists, and elbows. I do this literally 1 minute before I apply my self tanner.  If you skip this step, they will be a totally different color than the rest of your body and will look dirty.

2. This is the tanning mitt I use to apply my self tanner!  I use it with ALL self tanners, no matter the brand.  I use a mitt to give even coverage, and so I don't have to wash my hands after!

3. I usually start on my calves, and work up to my thighs.  When I get done with one whole leg, I use whatever excess is left to tan that ankle and foot.  You DO NOT need to put mousse on the mitt!  It will be too heavy.  Same goes for my arms, I work up, and then use whatever excess is left to tan my hands and wrists. I hope this makes sense!

4. When tanning fingers and toes, you want to make a claw!  This helps the tan get in knuckle creases! Make sure you get in between fingers and toes.  I DO NOT tan the palms of my hands or feet.

5. Get your husband or mom to tan your back!  Sometimes I just tan what I can, but if I know I'll be wearing something that shows my back, I'll get John to do it!

6. Make sure you tan your armpits, behind your ears, and all around your neck!  These are common missed places.

7. I don't usually tan my face, but I use these tanning drops mixed with my moisturizer when I feel like it.


The key to this is a really good lotion!  I've struggled with this for so long.  I could never find a lotion that helped hold my tan together.  If you don't have a good lotion, your tan won't fade evenly.
I found one though!!!

I'm their #1 fan.  Seriously this stuff is so good!!  I struggle with dry skin and that's not a good thing for self tanner.  The Billie lotion has helped a ton and my self tanner has been fading evenly! No scaley patches!
Currently sold out, but I will keep an eye out for a restock!

I tried to be as thorough as possible!  I know self tanning for first timers is very intimidating!
I'm always open to trying new self tanners, if you have a favorite, let me know in the comments!  I'm currently trying different ones!!

XO, Morgan


Sandal Weather....

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All of these come in SEVERAL different colors!

1. - I WANT THESE. Strappy sandals are in right now! 25% off making them $94

2. - on sale for $14!

3. - cute casual sandal!  On sale for $75

4. - I have a pair similar to this that I wear a lot! Only $25!

5. - cute dressier sandal! On sale for $98

6. - I have these and love!! Super comfy - 40% off making them $48. Also love the brown

7. - always love a good pair of slides! These are $49.

8. - on sale for $56...I also want these!

9. - I love these!! On sale for $38!

10 - Cute classic brown sandal! On sale for $50

11. - these are only $12!!

12. - sooo cute and different! These are $33!!

13. - Only $10 right now! I wore these sooo much last year. Repurchasing!!

14. - I love the clear sandal trend! $19

15. - still loving the snake skin trend! These are only $30 right now...I WANT

16. - on sale for $42!

17. - Another pair I WANT - on sale for $37

18. - only $19!

19. - Love these fun combo! On sale for $64

XO, Morgan


Tie Dye Fever.......

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1. - Comes in 4 color combos. $59

2. - On sale for $22! Graphic and tie dye trend in one!

3. - only $11!  This is a men's tee, so it'll be oversized!

4. - on sale for $107. Pricey, but I'm obsessed!

5. - so easy to dress this one up or down! $38

6. - Chic tie dye dress. $59

7. - Love this t-shirt dress! $49!

8. - Madewell top on EXTRA SALE for $20!! So cute!

9. - the prettiest fit on this dress! It's only $49 too!

10. - tie dye sweatshirt! Love the bold colors. $59

11. - I've been eyeing this one! $78

12. - this tee is very popular!! $58. Sold out almost everywhere

13. - pricey but so cute! $83

14. - I def want this one! I wanna wear with biker shorts. $49

15. - unique red tie dye!! love this one dressed up with a denim skirt! $38

16. - Very similar to one I have! $34

17. - really love the neutral tie dye! $49

XO, Morgan


Our Bridal Party....

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Bridesmaid Dresses - Kennedy Blue color Rosewood
Tuxes - Five Seasons in Union City
Payton's Dress - my mom made!

I know it has taken me forever to get all of my wedding photos on the blog, sorry!!  But I love reminiscing on our big day that was almost 6 months ago!!  Time is flying by!
 These photos and our family photos are my favorite.  I love our people so much!  We were surrounded with so much love on our wedding day. 
 I know I couldn't have made it through the day without all of the help from my sister and best friends. Also, I think they are the prettiest ever!!

I had the HARDEST time deciding on a bridesmaid dress color. Even up until the day before my wedding, I was second guessing my decision (obviously couldn't change my mind at that point)!  I'm a huge neutral lover, and the fact I picked out an actual color scared me lol.  Part of me wanted that pretty beige bridesmaid dress color that you see everywhere - literally everywhere!  But, I always like to be different.  I saw a picture on Pinterest of a similar dress color I picked out and loved it!  It was the ONLY picture I could find of the Rosewood color so I knew it wasn't a color that was popular and overdone, which is what I wanted.  So I took a chance and I'm SO happy with the color I picked!  I think it looked great on everyone and I love the moody romantic vibes it brought.  It was a hard color to find in bridesmaid dresses - Kennedy Blue is the only place I could find with my color!

XO, Morgan


Netflix and Hulu Recs.....

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* means I really loved it
Dead to Me
Dirty John*
Friends from College*
Good Girls*
Gossip Girl*
Grey's Anatomy*
Hart of Dixie*
Heartland - cheesy but liked it
How to Get away with Murder*
Jane the Virgin*
Love is Blind
New Girl
Ozark - on our list to watch next
Schitt's Creek*
Stranger Things
Ted Bundy Tapes
The Haunting of Hill House* - pretty scary..don't watch alone
The Office***
The Originals* - watch vampire diaries first
Vampire Diaries*
What If 
13 Reasons Why - don't watch if suicidal/depressed


A Cinderella Story* - favorite movie as a teen!
Dear John*
Finding Dory* - I love this more than Nemo
Justin Timberlake Concert*
Life as we Know it*
Miss Americana* - Taylor swift documentary...so good!
Murder Mystery
 The Kissing Booth* - cheesy but good
The Spectacular Now
Step Brothers*
Valentine's Day*
When we first Met

I'm sure there a lot of good ones that we have watched on Netflix, but there are SO many to go through.  This was off the top of my head!


The Hills
This is Us
Handmaid Tales*
Little Fires Everywhere* - this is a new show I love
Love Island*
Nashville** this may be my all time favorite show
One Tree Hill*
The Mindy Project 

XO, Morgan


Our First Look......

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I want to start off by saying I was that girl that was certain I would never do a first look!  I am SO happy we did though!  This was really one of our hardest wedding decisions - I was so indecisive and John really didn't care either way.  I was going to make a PROS and CONS list but I cannot think of any CONS so I'm going to list the PROS lol!


1. Having this overwhelming moment private
This was one of the best moments of the day!  Our photographer had John outside waiting on me behind the venue (a private area).  It was just the 4 of us, my hair stylist was there to fix my hair for pictures lol.  But I remember that moment feeling so special and private!

2. Calms stress before ceremony
Okay this was the #1 reason I actually decided on a first look!  I knew my emotions were going to be everywhere that day, especially before the ceremony!  We had our first look at 11:30 that morning and got to spend the rest of the day together!  It was great and definitely helped calm my nerves.  I literally cannot imagine how I would have acted have we not spent the entire day together!
3. All pictures done before ceremony
We took ALL of our pictures before the ceremony, including family pictures!  It was great to have all of those over with so we could go straight to the reception and our guests didn't have to wait on us!


Wedding - Getting Ready Photos.....

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Our Pajama's
These were so good!  I was highly impressed with the quality, price, and fast service.  My bridesmaids wore the Ecru color.  I've honestly been thinking about ordering me a few pairs in other colors because I love them that much haha.

I had the best time getting ready for my wedding!  I had all of my favorite people with me, helping me get through the day.  I honestly thought we were getting to the venue too early at 8AM but WOW did it go by so fast!!!  Time doesn't exist on your wedding day haha - it's just a blur!

The Bridal Suite at White Oak Farms was amazing!!  The lighting is perfect and we had so much space to hang out and do our hair and makeup together!

I had Emily, my hair stylist, do all of our hair!  She's my favorite and the only person I trust with my hair!  And then I just let everyone do their own makeup, but one of my bridesmaids is really good with makeup so we got help lol!

One of my favorite parts of getting ready was my niece, Payton, loving on me and "helping" with my makeup!  It's like she knew it was my special day. I shared a picture above, I'm so glad my friend caught this moment!

TIP:  It's so important to remember to feed everyone at the venue while you are getting ready!  We had plenty of food for not only my bridesmaids, but everyone else that was there getting the venue ready!  My mom picked up bagels from Panera, and a fruit tray for breakfast.  And for lunch we had chicken salad and veggies.  I didn't eat any of it haha...literally did not even stop to think about eating!
TIP: ENJOY YOUR DAY!!!  I had a few things that did not go my way and were not at all what I visioned for my day, but I chose to let it go which is so unlike me lol!!  At the end of the day, those little things don't matter and your guests don't care!
TIP: You can cry if you want to.  I wish I had a big cry that morning, but instead the tears came out when we were taking family pictures and when I walked down the aisle lol.

Okay everything I said was so random haha, but I wanted to share my "getting ready" photos and experiences with yall!