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Our Pajama's
These were so good!  I was highly impressed with the quality, price, and fast service.  My bridesmaids wore the Ecru color.  I've honestly been thinking about ordering me a few pairs in other colors because I love them that much haha.

I had the best time getting ready for my wedding!  I had all of my favorite people with me, helping me get through the day.  I honestly thought we were getting to the venue too early at 8AM but WOW did it go by so fast!!!  Time doesn't exist on your wedding day haha - it's just a blur!

The Bridal Suite at White Oak Farms was amazing!!  The lighting is perfect and we had so much space to hang out and do our hair and makeup together!

I had Emily, my hair stylist, do all of our hair!  She's my favorite and the only person I trust with my hair!  And then I just let everyone do their own makeup, but one of my bridesmaids is really good with makeup so we got help lol!

One of my favorite parts of getting ready was my niece, Payton, loving on me and "helping" with my makeup!  It's like she knew it was my special day. I shared a picture above, I'm so glad my friend caught this moment!

TIP:  It's so important to remember to feed everyone at the venue while you are getting ready!  We had plenty of food for not only my bridesmaids, but everyone else that was there getting the venue ready!  My mom picked up bagels from Panera, and a fruit tray for breakfast.  And for lunch we had chicken salad and veggies.  I didn't eat any of it haha...literally did not even stop to think about eating!
TIP: ENJOY YOUR DAY!!!  I had a few things that did not go my way and were not at all what I visioned for my day, but I chose to let it go which is so unlike me lol!!  At the end of the day, those little things don't matter and your guests don't care!
TIP: You can cry if you want to.  I wish I had a big cry that morning, but instead the tears came out when we were taking family pictures and when I walked down the aisle lol.

Okay everything I said was so random haha, but I wanted to share my "getting ready" photos and experiences with yall!

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