Our First Look......

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I want to start off by saying I was that girl that was certain I would never do a first look!  I am SO happy we did though!  This was really one of our hardest wedding decisions - I was so indecisive and John really didn't care either way.  I was going to make a PROS and CONS list but I cannot think of any CONS so I'm going to list the PROS lol!


1. Having this overwhelming moment private
This was one of the best moments of the day!  Our photographer had John outside waiting on me behind the venue (a private area).  It was just the 4 of us, my hair stylist was there to fix my hair for pictures lol.  But I remember that moment feeling so special and private!

2. Calms stress before ceremony
Okay this was the #1 reason I actually decided on a first look!  I knew my emotions were going to be everywhere that day, especially before the ceremony!  We had our first look at 11:30 that morning and got to spend the rest of the day together!  It was great and definitely helped calm my nerves.  I literally cannot imagine how I would have acted have we not spent the entire day together!
3. All pictures done before ceremony
We took ALL of our pictures before the ceremony, including family pictures!  It was great to have all of those over with so we could go straight to the reception and our guests didn't have to wait on us!

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