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This post is long overdue!!  I've tried so many self tanners and I'm sharing my 3 current favorites!  


I currently use the "medium" shade and it's pretty dark!  When it gets warmer out, I'll use the Ultra Dark!  This self tanner is one of the best!  Lasts 5-7 days before I have to reapply.

I wore this one alllll last summer!  It quickly became a favorite because it's only $12 and the color is amazing! Very similar to the one listed above.  

I wore this one a lot last year too!  I need to repurchase because it's a good one!  I would not recommend this one to beginners though, you cannot see where you apply it.  I've personally never had an issue with missing a spot, but I think I'm a pro lol.  The color is very natural, but still a great medium color!  This Mousse is also Clean!

4. Jergen’s Natural Glow ***** just added
New favorite this year!!! I might even like it better than Loving Tan?! 2 coats of this gives me a really pretty color and it smells amazing! I do have to apply this twice a week though. 


In order for your tan to go on smoothly, you need to exfoliate your whole body!  I do this once a week!  I use a good razor, exfoliating mitt, and body scrub!

The BEST razor I've ever used!!  I've been using for 7 months now and I'm never going back.  It gives the smoothest shave and I never have razor burn.  It is a subscription service, but it's so easy to cancel at any time.  Only $9 to get started.  I get new razors every 2 months, so it's $9 every 2 months!  Super inexpensive!! You want to be sure you shave before you tan!!

I'm putting these together because I use them together!  I just started to add a sugar scrub as a body exfoliant, and woah...GAME CHANGER!  This combo removes old self tanner, and gives a really smooth surface for your new tan to go onto!  I use to just use a mitt alone, but I will never do that again.  This combo just works!
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These tips are important, do not skip anything!!

1. Heavily moisturize feet, ankles, knees, hands, wrists, and elbows. I do this literally 1 minute before I apply my self tanner.  If you skip this step, they will be a totally different color than the rest of your body and will look dirty.

2. This is the tanning mitt I use to apply my self tanner!  I use it with ALL self tanners, no matter the brand.  I use a mitt to give even coverage, and so I don't have to wash my hands after!

3. I usually start on my calves, and work up to my thighs.  When I get done with one whole leg, I use whatever excess is left to tan that ankle and foot.  You DO NOT need to put mousse on the mitt!  It will be too heavy.  Same goes for my arms, I work up, and then use whatever excess is left to tan my hands and wrists. I hope this makes sense!

4. When tanning fingers and toes, you want to make a claw!  This helps the tan get in knuckle creases! Make sure you get in between fingers and toes.  I DO NOT tan the palms of my hands or feet.

5. Get your husband or mom to tan your back!  Sometimes I just tan what I can, but if I know I'll be wearing something that shows my back, I'll get John to do it!

6. Make sure you tan your armpits, behind your ears, and all around your neck!  These are common missed places.

7. I don't usually tan my face, but I use these tanning drops mixed with my moisturizer when I feel like it.


The key to this is a really good lotion!  I've struggled with this for so long.  I could never find a lotion that helped hold my tan together.  If you don't have a good lotion, your tan won't fade evenly.
I found one though!!!

I'm their #1 fan.  Seriously this stuff is so good!!  I struggle with dry skin and that's not a good thing for self tanner.  The Billie lotion has helped a ton and my self tanner has been fading evenly! No scaley patches!
Currently sold out, but I will keep an eye out for a restock!

I tried to be as thorough as possible!  I know self tanning for first timers is very intimidating!
I'm always open to trying new self tanners, if you have a favorite, let me know in the comments!  I'm currently trying different ones!!

XO, Morgan

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