Netflix and Hulu Recs.....

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* means I really loved it
Dead to Me
Dirty John*
Friends from College*
Good Girls*
Gossip Girl*
Grey's Anatomy*
Hart of Dixie*
Heartland - cheesy but liked it
How to Get away with Murder*
Jane the Virgin*
Love is Blind
New Girl
Ozark - on our list to watch next
Schitt's Creek*
Stranger Things
Ted Bundy Tapes
The Haunting of Hill House* - pretty scary..don't watch alone
The Office***
The Originals* - watch vampire diaries first
Vampire Diaries*
What If 
13 Reasons Why - don't watch if suicidal/depressed


A Cinderella Story* - favorite movie as a teen!
Dear John*
Finding Dory* - I love this more than Nemo
Justin Timberlake Concert*
Life as we Know it*
Miss Americana* - Taylor swift good!
Murder Mystery
 The Kissing Booth* - cheesy but good
The Spectacular Now
Step Brothers*
Valentine's Day*
When we first Met

I'm sure there a lot of good ones that we have watched on Netflix, but there are SO many to go through.  This was off the top of my head!


The Hills
This is Us
Handmaid Tales*
Little Fires Everywhere* - this is a new show I love
Love Island*
Nashville** this may be my all time favorite show
One Tree Hill*
The Mindy Project 

XO, Morgan

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1 comment:

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