Our Bridal Party....

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Bridesmaid Dresses - Kennedy Blue color Rosewood
Tuxes - Five Seasons in Union City
Payton's Dress - my mom made!

I know it has taken me forever to get all of my wedding photos on the blog, sorry!!  But I love reminiscing on our big day that was almost 6 months ago!!  Time is flying by!
 These photos and our family photos are my favorite.  I love our people so much!  We were surrounded with so much love on our wedding day. 
 I know I couldn't have made it through the day without all of the help from my sister and best friends. Also, I think they are the prettiest ever!!

I had the HARDEST time deciding on a bridesmaid dress color. Even up until the day before my wedding, I was second guessing my decision (obviously couldn't change my mind at that point)!  I'm a huge neutral lover, and the fact I picked out an actual color scared me lol.  Part of me wanted that pretty beige bridesmaid dress color that you see everywhere - literally everywhere!  But, I always like to be different.  I saw a picture on Pinterest of a similar dress color I picked out and loved it!  It was the ONLY picture I could find of the Rosewood color so I knew it wasn't a color that was popular and overdone, which is what I wanted.  So I took a chance and I'm SO happy with the color I picked!  I think it looked great on everyone and I love the moody romantic vibes it brought.  It was a hard color to find in bridesmaid dresses - Kennedy Blue is the only place I could find with my color!

XO, Morgan

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