Sandal Weather....

10:53 AM Simply Morgan Blake 5 Comments

All of these come in SEVERAL different colors!

1. - I WANT THESE. Strappy sandals are in right now! 25% off making them $94

2. - on sale for $14!

3. - cute casual sandal!  On sale for $75

4. - I have a pair similar to this that I wear a lot! Only $25!

5. - cute dressier sandal! On sale for $98

6. - I have these and love!! Super comfy - 40% off making them $48. Also love the brown

7. - always love a good pair of slides! These are $49.

8. - on sale for $56...I also want these!

9. - I love these!! On sale for $38!

10 - Cute classic brown sandal! On sale for $50

11. - these are only $12!!

12. - sooo cute and different! These are $33!!

13. - Only $10 right now! I wore these sooo much last year. Repurchasing!!

14. - I love the clear sandal trend! $19

15. - still loving the snake skin trend! These are only $30 right now...I WANT

16. - on sale for $42!

17. - Another pair I WANT - on sale for $37

18. - only $19!

19. - Love these fun combo! On sale for $64

XO, Morgan

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